Welcome to the Radical Left-Wing Survivalist Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!  For security’s sake, I won’t directly identify myself or anyone in my family here, nor will I divulge locations.  Here’s a quick intro to what this blog is about, and why I’m doing this:

I am a survivalist/prepper.  I am also a left-wing progressive, although I have some “true conservative” (read: not what they call “conservative” in the press) fiscal beliefs.  This puts me in somewhat rare territory, as most preppers out there are of the far right-wing persuasion, while most progressives can’t be bothered with this stuff.

I have a decent grasp of science.  I am educated.  I am not particularly religious.  I am not paranoid.  I am familiar with the proper use of the apostrophe, the dictionary, and the thesaurus.  The same, from what I have seen, cannot necessarily be stated for most of the other prepper/survivalism sites out there.  I want this site to be a little more rational.

Yes, it can be argued that there is a certain degree of paranoia about even the concept of prepping–“why prep at all, if you think the world is going to end?”, or what-have-you.  The difference is this:  I don’t think civilization is likely to wink out of existence overnight, as apparently do most other survivalists.  Nor do I believe that stockpiling old pennies for their copper, or old dimes and quarters for their silver, or even gold bullion, is an inherently great idea *for survivalist reasons*.  (The gold/silver might–I repeat, might, be a decent investment for other reasons.)  I’m not terribly worried about a wave of marauders trying to steal what is mine.  In short, I don’t believe that there is going to be a sudden collapse.

Instead, I believe that our modern society is already undergoing a slow-motion collapse–so slow that most of us probably don’t even realize it’s happening.  I think that our future will change with a whimper, not a bang.  But it will change–and is changing.

I will, of course, elaborate on this, and other things, in future posts.  I hope you’ll stay with me.


About leftwingsurvivalist

I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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58 Responses to Welcome to the Radical Left-Wing Survivalist Blog!

  1. DemLib in AZ says:

    thank goodness I’ve found someone with (fairly) similar beliefs to mine! I’ve become more concerned lately about the RIGHT wing Republicans taking our country – which is totally contrary to all the survivalist/prepper blogs I’ve read so far. They all see Obama as ready to put the country under martial law & invite the Chinese to take over, lol. To the CONTRARY – I see the RIGHT wingers as ready to put this country under martial/military rule and destroy the US Constitution.
    Anyway, I await more posts from you.

    • Social Justice Commando says:

      Totally agree. The far right is, and has been, militarizing since the 1980s, intensifying since 2008. It’s ridiculous to assume that the far right (particularly the ‘alt-right’) won’t turn their sights on fellow Americans who they don’t agree with. The far-right idolize Augusto Pinochet — specifically because he brutally executed socialists by dropping them out of helicopters. With the election of Donald Drumpf, it’s not hard to imagine extrajudicial paramilitary death squads loyal to the likes of Anglin, Spencer, Heimbach, etc. carrying out Drumpf’s threats IRL. The neo-Nazi movement is growing unchecked, and unless there are left wing patriots who are willing to defend freedom for ALL people, things could get ugly fast. That being said, I 100% oppose any form of preemptive action, or any form of aggression, unless fired upon. In fact, in the event of a fascist takeover, my first response would be to create an ‘underground railroad’ to protect victims of persecution rather than open hostilities. Just the same, we who oppose the far right need to just as well armed as they are, and twice as well trained.

  2. DemLib in AZ says:

    I WOULD like to hear what you see happening, and to what depths it could go to, and how it would affect us.

    The most extreme scenario I see is: I am worried about all those ex-USSR nukes sitting around in all the ex-Soviet countries. I don’t know how well they are controlled. What little I’ve heard concerns me. IF they should fall into the hands of the wrong people, they MIGHT be used against us, or other Western nations. Now, this probably would not/could not be a mass nuclear air attack, but could be as severe as on the level of say, the “Jericho” TV series (of which I’ve been a huge fan). THAT is the most extreme scenario I see, and it is VERY scary.

    Of course, just one nuke or dirty bomb used could be enough to cause nationwide or worldwide panic.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, I am very concerned with the Republican majority, and Tea Baggers they cater to. I see them as paridoxically taking AWAY many civil liberties, not to mention the entire safety net, which would again cause major panic. Once people realize how they’ve been screwed, I’m not sure what could happen, and by then it could be too late.

    There’s always the pandemic scenario, either deliberately created/released, or a mutation of a current virus.

    A specific question for now: why is it that you don’t see the worth (literally) of having silver or gold coins? I don’t have any, but I’ve considered it, especially silver. I do already have some silver but that has been thru the course of other life endeavors of mine. I’ve been debating whether to sell it now (IF it’s at peak price, which I just can’t tell), or if I should hold on to it. I very much remember what happened in the ’80s!

    PS – meant to tell you, I found your blog in doing a Google search of “left-wing survivalist”.

    • Arlene B in Phoenix says:

      Phoenix here; another fellow leftist prepper!!
      The biggest threat today is two families; Koch Brothers, and the Walton family, but the Kochs are by far the activist, and we are currently at economic war, although most Americans are at this point still slumbering in their delusional American Dream.

  3. micki says:

    Glad to have found you! I am also a progressive prepper. Started learning about sensible food storage/canning/dehydrating/gardening last year. But going to the prepper websites, I couldn’t find anyone with a shared ideology, until now. Thank you!

  4. DemLib in AZ says:

    Well, there seem to be a huge following of THREE people here! I don’t know if that’s sad or what. I keep wondering if there are more of us in deep hiding or if the prepping community really is that right wing…

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  6. allen says:

    As a former liberal Democrat in Arizona (Go Lumberjacks!) there are at least four of us in here. 🙂

  7. Thrivalista says:

    Five, now.

  8. DemLib in AZ says:

    yay! FIVE of us!

  9. wyndwalkr says:

    Here I am, #6. Now I have to read your archives. Hope it is a great relief from the Macho Rambos!

  10. InMo says:

    Hey, we are up to 7. Yeah, I am so glad that I found you, and the other 6 that are here.

    • DemLib in AZ says:

      Wow! **7** of us! I’m trying to get my boyfriend to subscribe, as he’s much better of an old fashioned New Englander in being prepared for rough times than I am. He composts, gardens, smokes meat, and has a big basement which is very good for storing canned goods, lol. However, he doesn’t like to think of it as being a survivalist or prepper – just ‘being prudent’.

      • I like it. “Just being prudent” is a large part of my definition of “prepping.” Expand the “prudence” to cover as many possible eventualities as you can, and you’re there!

  11. Rob says:

    Eight. Grew up in AZ. Live in the Great White North now. Can’t believe how the nutters have taken over AZ.

  12. andled says:

    It’s refreshing to find a fellow lefties interested in this stuff.

  13. Indeed. I consider myself to be a left-winger, left-libertarian idealist/social democratic pragmatist, whom advocates survivalism. For if, and when, society collapses, including the welfare state, we must have alternative means to support ourselves. And I view the current government shut down as being a portent of this. So, I support learning about skills of self defense, and self reliance, plus practicing mutual aid. But I do not espouse expressing hostility towards the government. I just don’t believe in fully trusting, and relying upon the state.

  14. andrew says:

    I’d probably call myself a radical leftist anarcho-socialist or something (with some primitivist tendencies), and my love of the outdoors and my concern about climate change has given me some survivalist inclinations. But it’s hard to deal with all these right-wing survivalists who often seem focused on how to keep themselves alive without any concern for others, or who have strange worries like the “without rule of law” scenario (when a more realistic concern is TOO much rule of law or of the state/oligarchy). So thanks for making this blog.

  15. Jimbo says:

    I’d describe myself as Left-Libertarian with Trade Union Socialist & Distributist leanings. Team ‘r’ and ‘d’ have trashed this once great nation with their slavish devotion to globalist capitalism and the military-industrial complex. The not so United States is under a national capitalist dictatorship and the elephants & donkeys are servants of global capitalists, not representatives of the working class.

    • Arlene Baker says:

      Going over old posts, rather enlightening as some are 5 years ago, and nothing has changed for the beteter. Regarding your and many other posts stating opposition to the two corporate-owned major parties, I am voting Green any time there is one on the ballot. Democrats tend to be more progressive, but our major effort should be focused on building up a party of the people, whose stated platform supports most of the ideals of a caring, sharing society that protects its members while doing no harm to the environment or other groups. Cooperative work spaces are a great start, as that is “Democracy At Work” (see Dr. Richard Wolff’s website for more or google). Others have proposed that business start paying rents (royalties, fees, etc.) for their use of public spaces (i.e., the air, land, water, commons like government, the courts, and the finance systems) and then everyone, rich or poor, draws monies from the ‘trust’ such as is done up in Alaska with the monies a very wise Republican (who would have thought!) governor saw it as being good….which would work to establish a sort of income for everyone (see Peter Barns, his two books Capitalism 3.0, and Liberty and Dividends for all).

      Those two books address our current state of unemployment and social inequality, with different approaches. The first, along with Dr. Gar Alperovitz (What Then Must We Do) by stating the system of capitalism is inherently bad for society and bad for the earth, and suggest moving away from it to another system. Peter Barns suggests a money flow generated by business paying for what they now are getting for free, and then everyone benefits, thus it is not welfare in any form – and would of course, not cause the resentment that is currently felt by many when they perceive that someone is ‘getting something for nothing’ – even though those same cannot see that business (major corps is who I really mean) is getting far more and destroying our society and earth in the process. I urge all people concerned about our future to read these authors. What happens when technology replaces so many workers there is no long a means to earn an income?

      I hope this post wasn’t too long…but would enjoy conversation on it.

  16. dwculver says:

    I subscribe to Patriot Power blog who provides lots of good prep and survivial information but is truly tiresome his constant harrang on Obama and the liberals.. I believe it is the right wingers who will be destroying the civil atmosphere if things do become difficult.. I like solar power appliances and rational food growing strategies.. but sure would love to get to know and share our lefty values of good community and mutual support for cooperative ventures and equity sharing ideas are appreciated. So thanks for bringing this blog into form. I will pitch in more as we good forward.


    David Culver

  17. M green says:

    I’m a progressive liberal from NM. Count me in!

  18. Tim says:

    Hello, I too am a progressive and a bit of a survivalist. I also do a podcast with some friends and listen to a lot of podcasts. I can’t seem to find a progressive prepper podcast. Wondering if you do one or know of any, or if anyone who visits the site does?

  19. Elise says:

    Progressive left wing liberal from Oregon with interest in prepping but some of the prepper blogs scare me to death. Looking for like minded people not filled with hate for any hint of liberal thought.

    • Welcome! You’ve come to the right place! 🙂

    • Arlene B says:

      I totally agree. The difference is progressives wish to learn how to survive within a community, how too cultivate food, how to use less, how to get by without fossil fuel, and how to produce abundantly. Permaculture and Aquaponics are definitely things we can do, as well as make more local ties with others of like mindedness. I always as someone, so they have 90 days or 1 year of supplies. What then? You either share and trust providence to provide, or you miserly hold onto it and then die anyway. Welcome aboard to sensible others!!

  20. Lars says:

    I thought I was alone 🙂 Whoa……puts everything in a whole different perspective:-)


  21. Jeffrey says:


    It’s refreshing to find some survivalists of the progressive persuasion. I consider myself a social democrat and I’m a bit of a survivalist myself from a survivalist family, but my family is far too right wing and too mental from all the right wing conspiracy theories that they latch on to. I concur with many of the posts here that I believe that the right wingers are going to try to take over and impose their ideology on everyone else and undermine the constitution that they always carry with them and police everyone else on. Anyway, I’m glad to have found you.

  22. Birdmischief says:

    Howdy! I found this blog by googling “liberal preppers” and am glad to know I’m not the only left-leaning person interested in prepping. I’m new to this, though I’ve subscribed to Activist Post (lots of good survival/prepping tips, but out of my comfort zone politically). Like others here, I worry about the right wing forming an intolerably authoritarian, possibly theocratic regime. I don’t impose my faith on others and wouldn’t want theirs imposed on me.

    I hope to learn quickly from your posts, if that’s all right. I’m not from AZ, so My flopping around like a fish out of water may be noticeable for a while.

    Thanks for doing this work!

    • Welcome! No flopping around necessary; I’m not in AZ, either–rather, an “undisclosed location in an Eastern Seaboard state”. 🙂 I hope you’ll stick around!

      • Birdmischief says:

        Thank you for the welcome! I share the location you mention and am happy to know that someone of like mind is maybe within 2,000 miles of me. 😉 I look forward to reading as time and circumstances permit.

  23. mothermonkshood says:

    thank you for being here.

  24. Oregon_Prepper says:

    So glad to learn I not the only other liberal prepper in the Pacific Northwest!

    Admittedly, I’ve learned a lot from various prepper websites and YouTube videos, and am grateful to a number of preppers out there with educational approaches. However, some of these sites include perspectives that I personally find offensive (racist, sexist, etc.) and/or disturbing. While I ideologically support their right to have these opinions, I am interested in prepper-type education that contains less conspiracy theories, paranoia, or hate speech and more focus on learning, community support, science, and critical thinking.

    Thanks so much for starting this blog. Greatly appreciated.

  25. Blue Dog says:

    I’m a practical moderate from a purple moderate state. The right has moved so far over that I cannot stay around them for any length over a few minutes. Been practically prepping since weather weirding flooded my home in a flood breaking 1000 year flood plain maps. Climate change is happening.

    We rebuilt. The take away from my experience is that helping each other keeps us strong. The lone-Wolf Ann Rand types faded. Our community is better from progessive programs.

    You are doing it the right way, here.

  26. Thaddeus Buttmunch MD says:

    I live in the Midwest. I am worried about Donald Trump. I think Eastern Oregon (I’ve never lived there) has a lot of good places to hide and the climate isn’t Too harsh (except high up on the mountains.) Perhaps buried PVC sewer pipes are a good place to hide if you see somebody coming for you (but I’d have an aboveground enclosure as well.) I have accumulated money as a physician. I wish Roadable personal jets were already here, but maybe learning to fly a Cessna would be a Good skill, Too, to get to the remote location. I’d like a River nearby, maybe to do some fly fishing. Mostly, of Course, you need to stock food supplies, etc.

  27. Jones says:

    People think survivalists and rural farmer people are all right wing hicks with big trucks,flags and guns. but there crops are tainted Gmos and there primitive skills are electronic gps and tracking gadgets etc. real liberals aren’t all politically correct urbanites that at least are trying to be open minded. There’s a ton of back to the land organic farmers DIY off grid left wingers.
    They have guns and trucks.they fish and hunt.and play more folk music on banjos etc like Pete Seeger and woody Guthrie other left freedom fighters.then how mainstream has categorized backwoods people as southern confederate racists with banjos and big red trucks and guns and camo and country music. Banjos are from Africa anyways. I am Saying this because I myself and many others I know are maybe mislabeled as conservative hicks because of trucks,outdoor activity,farming etc. I hope to spread the word to culture and mainstream society. States like Washington and Vermont the whole left coast and new england and the country of Canada are filled with an abundant of liberal prepper type people. Weather it’s prepping or knowing how to live with nature and with out any easy resources. The northwest and northeast and Canada are strong holds. Still filled to the brim with conservatives. A lot of us liberals are educated enough to know how to sail use tools and prepar etc. sadly I have thought of how a ton of left wingers are urbanites and a ton (not all) of right wingers are more rural so there kids are grown up learning construction and mechanics and to hunt etc.which is sad because I feel a lot of leftist overlook all thoughs things as redneck activitys because most of the time you see that way it’s not actually true.hippies are a great example of left sided outdoor folk. It is sad so many leftists give a bad name and are urban yuppies. Who is more likely to pick you up? A hick In His truck or a yuppie in his Prius? The hick. But I’d rather be stuck with the ultra politically correct over the top lefties then with the Bible thumping mislead brainwashed bigots down south.iv traveled and lived with all. I know who’s right and who’s wrong.both sides have over the top shinanigans.but left is always the better choice. Plus like I’m saying there’s a ton of organic farming outdoor educated lefties. There just not as mainstream as redneck conservatives type.

  28. Deplorable One says:

    Well, I am alt-right. I would like to in some small way assuage your fears. I have absolutely no intention, or desire, to hunt down liberals.

    Though I am armed, the only time I have needed a weapon in the last five years was when I recovered a stolen bike from a thief, and in that instance I was unarmed. Ironically, it was a liberal’s bike. She was a really great lady though, and very happy to have her bike back.

    My main concern about liberals is enduring ignorant conversation, and that through that ignorance they will vote on issues which negatively effect the country.

    Other than that I really don’t care unless they are being belligerent. Freedom of speech means freedom of thought, even if you are wrong.

    -Your Friendly Neighborhood Deplorable

    • So, if I’m reading this right… The “only time you’ve needed a weapon” in the last five years, you didn’t actually need a weapon. Which means you haven’t needed a weapon in the last five years…

      Nothing ironic about the bike’s owner being a liberal–we’re out there, and (demographically speaking) in increasing numbers. I’m not certain what you mean about “enduring ignorant conversation”; as for voting through ignorance, I’ve seen more instances of conservatives voting against their own self-interest than anything else.

      I’ll admit to being kind of curious how you would define “alt-right.”

      But we can agree on one thing–freedom of speech means freedom of thought, even if you’re wrong.


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