It seems to be de facto…

It would seem to be the de facto standard for survivalist blogs to spend truly incredible amounts of time on conspiracy theories, or other rather far-fetched ideas.  A case in point recently:  There has been a claim that the United States finally took out Osama bin Laden (or at least finally reported having done so) in preparation for a re-deployment of troops to Saudi Arabia, in anticipation of the fall of the Saudi royal family.

This seems to me, on the face of it, to be absurd.  If the US really needed to reposition troops for the collapse of one of our primary “allies” in the Middle East, there are other, much more plausible excuses to be had.  Such as, for instance, that the ruling family of one of our main allies in the region is about to be having problems.  Likewise, there have been many, many points in the past that the announcement of bin Laden’s death would have scored many, many useful points for any number of people…  Instead, the announcement occurred during a relatively dull news-cycle.  Any political benefit that the President could have hoped to achieve by the announcement would be relatively short-lived, when one considers how much time will pass before the next election.

Another example, to go to the extreme end of the scale, is information I have seen based on preparing for the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles.  The specific advice given involves storing things close to the floor, as (to paraphrase) gravity may increase greatly during such an occurrence, and you’ll have to be able to reach whatever you need from the floor.

This demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of science.  Electromagnetism (which creates the poles) is related to gravity (which holds you to the floor) only inasmuch as both forces are considered “fundamental forces,” which is to say, means by which atoms interact; this means that ultimately, any true unified field theory would encompass both forces.  Unfortunately (for those who are paranoid about the above example), the two forces remain obstinately separate, otherwise, and for all practical purposes, completely unrelated.  If the movement of the magnetic poles affected gravity, then any movement through the Earth’s magnetic field would likewise cause strange gravitational effects.  Planes would have serious issues flying…

Other theories, fears, concerns, and the like exist, of course–their number is legion!–and I’ll address some of them in future posts.

Myself, I firmly believe in Occam’s Razor (applied *correctly,* which may require a post all its own), and its corrolary, Hanlon’s Razor (“Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”).  A little bit of critical thinking about many (most?) of the wild claims of other blogs really shows much of the concern to be unfounded.


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