What we’ve done lately…

Well, the long-awaited third post!  Apologies to my readers for the length of time between posts; Real Life ™ must unfortunately take precedence over things like this blog.

What I’d like to touch on for the next few posts are the preps that my family and I are working on.  Some of these are “typical” preps, some perhaps less so.  Please, whatever you do, don’t take my list of preps as gospel–we are all in different situations, and will have to deal with different things.  That said, let me dive right in.

First, we have that old stand-by, the Bug-out Bag, or BoB.  If you’re just starting your prepping (we all were, at some point), the best way to think of these is a self-made kit of things you’d need to make it a few days should something untoward happen; from there, you can ramp them up to supply bags to get you from your home to your bug-out location (more on which later).  My wife describes the BoB as the minimum amount of stuff you’d want to be able to grab & go, if you wake up in the night & the house is burning down.

Our BoBs (and we each have one, both myself, my wife, and each of my daughters) contain a complete set of clothes, to include broken-in shoes and a hat, as well as at least two pair of underclothing (socks, underwear, t-shirts).  Lightweight cool-weather clothing is there, as well.  As the wheel of the year turns towards winter, we’ll add heavier sweaters and a jacket.  Each bag has a flashlight and a whistle.  We’ve each got a “space blanket”.  Each one also has a sleeping bag (well, the fleece bag-liners, at least).  The kids, being young, each have a stuffed animal and a book.  My wife and I have E-readers which we are steadily filling with useful reading material (and some “fun” reading too, of course).

Then there are some things spread out among the bags.  The wife and I each have a multi-tool.  We’ve got a water filter & a steri-pen; we have multiple fire-starting tools, ranging from Bic lighters to flint & steel (no, really!).  We have a small solar battery charger, plus a hand-cranked flashlight/cell-phone charger.  There’s an emergency radio.  A few other things which unfortunately escape me at the moment.  But one of the most important things is: a copy of our important documents (birth certificates, marriage license, mortgage, insurance policies, vehicle titles, etc.) that has been scanned into PDF and saved to a thumb drive.  It’s not the perfect solution, but it’s far better than nothing.

As mentioned, we each have a bag.  They are kept handy, where we can reach them quickly in an emergency, so we can grab them and go.  The kids have been drilled on them, and what to do with them.  My wife and I go through them and update/tweak them on a regular basis.  We practice using the equipment, to make sure we can.  And we talk often about “what-if” scenarios.

For my next post:  Bug-out locations, and fun preps for bugging-in!  I’ll try not to take so long, this time…


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I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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