What are we prepping for?

One of the keys to effective prepping, as I see it, is knowing what exactly you’re prepping for.  Perhaps “exactly” isn’t the right term; for what envisioned contingency are you doing your prepping?  As should be obvious, the preps for a natural disaster (flood, earthquake, hurricane) would be different from the preps for a man-made disaster (terrorist nuke, etc.).

One way to break down the list of possibilities is by looking at the time frame of the collapse.  Will it go down quickly?  Slowly?  In-between?  Again, the preps will likely change: a slow-motion collapse is a different scenario than an overnight one.

To my mind, “sudden” collapse scenarios include the above-mentioned terrorist dirty nuke, or most of the environmental scenarios (earthquake, tornado).  In these instances, things will change overnight, at least in local terms.  The savvy prepper will be able to bug out to a safer location and ride out the aftermath.

“Moderate-speed” scenarios would cover scenarios such as global pandemics or financial collapse.  In these instances, the collapse will probably happen over a period of weeks-to-months.  If we’re watching, we’ll be able to see them coming near the beginning, and direct our preparations towards the particular event that’s coming: breaking out the gas masks and antibiotics, or shifting assets into tangibles from intangibles.

The “slow” collapse scenarios are probably the most insidious, happening over years-to-decades.  These would include peak oil and global climate change (whether man-made or not).  They’re moving at such a slow pace they’re all but invisible to us; our minds are generally not built to “see” that long a time-frame.

In terms of likelihood, they are all different, as well.  Myself, I don’t worry much about the “terrorist-nuke” scenario; it’s possible, but difficult and unlikely.  I’d say the three most likely are peak oil, financial collapse, and pandemic.  (This is, of course, discounting “natural disasters,” such as earthquake, hurricane, or tornado, all of which happen regularly.)  I rate them this way following simple reasoning.  Peak oil is upon us, either just past or in the very near future.  Financial collapse looks more and more likely every day–and, to an extent, it goes hand-in-hand with peak oil, in the Long Collapse scenario.  A pandemic is only a matter of time, and we aren’t exactly helping things with our profligate (and inappropriate!) use of antibiotics; MRSA is already out there, XDR TB is on the rise, and I’m sure there are others.

All that being said, my family’s plan is to take them one at a time.  We’re doing what we can right now to alleviate the damage from whatever quick collapses (personal, local, national, or global) we can envision and think likely.  We are enacting longer-range plans to cover moderate-speed collapses, and (slowly but surely) are positioning ourselves to handle the slow collapses.  What are you doing to prepare, and what are you preparing for?


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2 Responses to What are we prepping for?

  1. wyndwalkr says:

    This blog definately needs more comments. Hense I am doing these older ones. (smiling)

    I agree with you on your collapse possibilities. If terrorists ever develope stealth, instead of their own brand of Macho Rambo, that could be a worse concern.

    Pandemic is inevitable, but doesn’t destroy infrastructure unless people go crazy and destroy it themselves.

    Global climate change together with peak oil will starve many people around the world. Together with financial collapse…it is only a matter of when.

    Funny, though, the few people who know that I do some pantry stock-up and such things, I just tell them that I am doing it for that once-in-a-lifetime natural disaster. Where I live it would be ice storms destroying power lines in a large area of the state and taking weeks if not months to get to my second-to-the-last house on this little road, for repairs. Saying I do not want to have to leave my home and wait it out is something they can comprehend. There are occasional tornados here, too, but they do not devastate and entire quarter of the state or even one county. Just a swath.

    To many people just don’t want to think about anything beyond their own little worlds.

  2. andled says:

    I figure economic collapse is going to be what really kicks us to the curb. People like us know that we’re using resources unsustainably, and that the plutocrats have our economy and government rigged in their favour (at our expense), but it seems like the majority can’t see past their own little Pollyanna worldview. But eventually, we’ll all have to pay the piper, it’s just a question of when.

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