A little slice of heaven

At last, the long-promised talk about bug-out locations (BoLs).  We do, in fact have one, with multiple backups.  My family’s primary BoL is actually the residence of a close friend and their immediate family; through a serendipitous series of unfortunate events, they found themselves permanently living at their BoL.

Where is the location?  Well, I can’t exactly tell you that–operational security, and all–but it is a rural location a sizable drive from the nearest large city.  It would be an easy drive from our current residence.  The “stocking-up” of the location is in its early stages yet, but we have a plan in place and are working at it steadily.  A Rawlesian survivalist would probably dismiss it as too close to a large urban population, and as such subject to the Golden Horde effect; my belief is that most of the hypothetical Horde would probably stick to main highways more than side roads, which would leave the location fairly safe.

There is a group of perhaps 20 people who have this BoL as either their primary or secondary location.  I will admit that this concerns me a bit–I’m not certain that the spot is sufficient to support all of us, without encroaching on the neighbors–but backup plans are in place, to include the possibility of my family purchasing a location of our own in the relatively near future.

So what am I considering, when I think of a place to homestead?  My “ideal” location would be at least 10 acres, around half of which would be in woods.  I want to be a reasonable distance from big cities, but not completely isolated (neighbors are fine, I just don’t want to *see* them).  Housing associations, or overly-restrictive zoning, are out.  In a perfect world, there would be running water–enough to run a micro-hydro generator would be almost too much to ask; I’d settle for seasonal fishing.

Again, I’m not into full Rawlesian mode.  I’m open to places outside the “American Redoubt,” as I feel that about half the reasons he has narrowed his locations down are bunk.  (Needing/wanting to stay upwind of nuclear targets is overkill, in my opinion.)  I guess it’s a matter of risk tolerance.

In future BoL discussions, I’ll try to hit things such as gardening and food storage, animal husbandry, and more “typical” prepper fare.  Are there any requests for topics?


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One Response to A little slice of heaven

  1. wyndwalkr says:

    I live full time in a place that would be close to another person’s idea of a BoL. Do have neighbors 1/4 mile away. But they are farmers, not likely freaked-out suburbanites.

    (Do I use hyphens inappropriately?) (grin)

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