What’s eating the Right?

I mean, seriously…  Booing a serviceman, just because he’s gay (or, at the least, because he doesn’t want Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell reinstated).  Inciting riot at a left-leaning gathering, in order to write about the left-wing rioters.  Yelling for a (hypothetical) uninsured comatose patient to die.  They’re pro-life, and also pro-death-penalty.  It would seem they can’t make up their minds.

Some of my recent reading has pointed out other inconsistencies, to say nothing of hypocrisies.  It would seem that most of the talking points of the far Right, and of the “Christian” Right in particular, are derived from Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy; the main irony being that Objectivism renounces religion as worthless.  To make matters worse, the founder of the modern Satanic Church built its doctrine from “Rand’s philosophy, with ritual and ceremony.”  It just goes to show that large crowds of folks (on either end of the spectrum, to be sure) either don’t do their homework, or don’t follow the thoughts through to their logical ends.  (Might they have taken just the parts that they like from Rand’s writings?  Can’t think of any other books they may have done that with… *cough*Bible*cough*)

I have an extremely hard time understanding why such a large group of people spends so much time struggling against their own self-interest.  I am likewise baffled at the ire they hold for those with other viewpoints.  What stands out to me is the manner in which they accuse everyone else of doing the very things they are doing.  Their politics to me seem the very definition of fascism (which *cannot*, by definition, be equated with that over “evil” of theirs, socialism; they’re two completely separate political systems, despite their frequent conflation).  Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

And yet, something that  strikes me when I read conservative blogs & websites: incredibly often, we’re asking for the same things; the difference is the window-dressing, how we’re asking for it.  The root desire is nearly identical, but the two sides are changing how they describe it.  (Something similar to this shows up in other odd ways, too:  the right complains about the “liberal media,” while the left talks of the “conservative media.”  Could this be signs of a deeper plot to divide the country, or would that be pure paranoia?)

To quote Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”


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2 Responses to What’s eating the Right?

  1. wyndwalkr says:

    A condition I call SquareBob SpongeBrain.

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