Questions to answer

Elsewhere on the web, I saw a list of “Survival Questions” that were suggested as things to think about in your preps.  I liked them, and have decided to appropriate them, as well as to (aperiodically) give my thoughts on them, one at a time.  The list of questions, as originally presented (with original comments snipped), follows:

1. How much potable (drinkable) water do I have stored and how long would it last if all sources of water were cut off?

2. How much food do I have stored and how long would it last if all sources of food were cut off and all electric power were cut?

3. How much essential medication for myself and my other family members do I have on hand and how long would they last if there was no way to get refills or if there was a medical emergency?

4. How much emergency medical supplies do I have? Do I have enough for every family member?

5. Do I have a firearm for each adult family member? Do I have enough ammunition for each firearm?

6. Are the firearms I have in good working order?

7. If I live in a cold weather climate, do I have proper clothing to survive assuming all energy sources were cut off?

8. How much CASH money do I have stockpiled for emergencies?

9. Do I have any books on survival in my personal library?

10. Do I really know what’s going on in the world?

Please, think about these things, dear reader(s); I look forward to discussing them, amending them, and possibly adding to them with you as we continue this particular long, strange trip.


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I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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