Care really must be taken.

My wife and I watched a homesteading video this weekend.  While the intention was good, and the ideas laudable, the delivery and content were somewhat lacking.

None of us is perfect, but before producing a video, pamphlet, or article on a given topic, one really ought to do a bit of research.  Getting your facts straight is, after all, important.  The wrong information, no matter how well intentioned, can kill.  If you are going to demonstrate canning something, for instance, you had best know–and relay–that if it isn’t acidic enough (below a pH of 4.6) you must pressure can, not boiling-water-bath-can.  Botulism is not your friend.

Herbalism is a science.  Mixing herbs willy-nilly, with no thought as to their interactions with one another, is dangerous.  Herbs are drugs.  Phytochemicals are chemicals.  Antibiotics should not be a daily regime for a healthy human (without a doctor’s say-so).  No wonder you need that homemade yogurt every day…

Also note: when producing something in English–or for that matter any other language–using proper grammar would be nice.  Becoming a more sustainable and self-sufficient group is not mutually exclusive with the proper use of language.

Yes, these folks are trying.  Which is more than many others are doing.  Unfortunately, their imprecise use of knowledge, or their limited perspective, almost completely negated their attempts to inform.

Take everything (even this post) with a grain of salt.  Question and research everything.  Do not assume you are reading or watching or listening to an expert without having outside sources to compare.

And for the love of Pete, don’t pronounce it “KEE-fer;” it’s “ke-FEER” (kefir).


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2 Responses to Care really must be taken.

  1. wyndwalkr says:

    Dear Blogger,
    It is stuff like ke-FEER over KEE-fer that perhaps have made this blog commentless. Perhaps readerless as well. Ya think?

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