Just because you’re paranoid…

Hello once again…  My apologies for not posting last week, but an unforeseen medical emergency precluded my doing much typing.  I’m better now, so here we are.

I would like to point out something that most of the survivalists/preppers out there aren’t thinking of, and it indirectly touches on some things I mentioned in my first post: Just because you can find a number of other people who believe the same things you do doesn’t mean you’re right.  (Think of this as a corollary to the famous maxim on paranoia; they *might* actually be out to get you…)

Where am I going with this?  Well, I’ve noticed accounts of many people starting a prepping trek into nutcase-ville after (only rarely before) “finding” many others (typically online) who feel the same.  They find some survivalist blogs/forums; they “discover” old Indian prophecies, or read apocalyptic Biblical prophecies; they get all wrapped up in “it’s all going to end, suddenly, and soon!”  I’ll address each of these in turn.

While there is generally safety in numbers, there isn’t necessarily wisdom.  Just ask the folks down at Jonestown, or the Heaven’s Gate people.  There were many people there who all believed/felt the same about something; in both cases, they were categorically wrong.  For my part, I don’t claim to have the Answer, or to know how things are going to go in the future; all I’ve got are my own best guesses, and calculated reasoning–something that I recommend everyone develop individually.

The blogs and forums I can’t fault too much; they’re good sources of ideas, firstly, and secondly–well, I’m sitting here writing in one of my own…  A small part of me also worries that folks will become “glued” to my way of thinking, as expressed here, and fall into the first fallacy.  I hope I’m pushing the “critical thinking” line enough that that won’t be a problem.  As to the prophecies, well–here again, some critical thinking is in order.  The American aborigines were not party to any great hoard of secret, arcane knowledge.  The end of their “long count” calendar was no more significant than the end of the calendar on my wall: One more day down.  Another one tomorrow, and I need a new calendar…  Likewise any Biblical prophecy.  Even if the book was the literal Word of God at one time, it’s been tweaked so much by Man I doubt that definition still applies.  In either case, that’s not how the book is supposed to work.  I believe it even says so, in the book itself (Matthew 24:36, if I recall correctly).  It was meant as a spiritual guide, not a warning for the future.  My point here being that you can read whatever you want into the prophecies, but you have to look around at the real world, as well.

Lastly, if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I don’t believe things are going to end suddenly, or soon.  Again, this is just my belief; I’ve been wrong about things before, I’ve no doubt I’ll err again, and it’s possible that I’m wrong here.  But my take on conditions at present seem to indicate that in a manner of speaking, things are already ending, but it’s a slow-motion crash (except temporarily, or locally), and it’ll probably still be crashing through our children’s lifetimes.

So please, go, and be aware and thoughtful.


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