Random musings…

This post is just a couple of things that have been in the back of my mind over the past week or so.  There’s not really a big point to any of it, I just hope that it’ll provide something more for folks to think about.

When was the last time we elected a truly “middle-class” President?  Have we ever?  Thinking back on the recent ones:  Obama, the Harvard grad; Bush II, Yale and Harvard, military officer (of sorts), and was basically born into the “upper class”; Clinton could have been, but again–Georgetown, Oxford, and a Yale law degree; Bush I was a Naval officer, Yalie, and millionaire by 40; Reagan could have been, but for the whole bit with “fame & fortune” from acting, plus he was a military officer (Captain Reagan, don’t ya know); Carter, Naval officer; Ford – Naval officer, plus a loophole in that he wasn’t elected President; Nixon – Naval officer, Duke law degree.  (If you think I’m being rough on the military officers, you’ve either never met one, or you are one…)  Why am I thinking of “middle-class” Presidents?  While some of them certainly began their lives in the middle class, none of them got to the Presidency from there.  They all claim to want to help the middle class, but I’m not certain any of them, from whatever side of the political spectrum, really understand what being “middle-class” means or is like any more.  (And I’m certain that none of them know what being poor is like…)

Read a good post elsewhere today on “layered prepping,” or having multiple versions of a given prep in multiple locations (everyday carry, in the car, at home) for increased redundancy.  As a lot of preppers say, “two is one, and one is none.”  This is something that my family is working on; we’ve already got a lot of the basics (firestarting, clothes, shelter), and are building from there.  I’d like to hear from readers on how their preps are going, too…

Does the 112th Congress even pay attention any more?  The House just passed a bill banning a regulation that doesn’t exist.  As the article’s author points out, it just keeps getting more like Alice in Wonderland…

A good phrase for economists to get used to, one that I think we’ll be hearing more and more in coming years: “Ecological limits to economic growth.”  They can decry peak oil (and peak coal, and peak uranium, and peak whatever else) all they want, but there’s only so much planet here, and when it’s gone, it’s gone…

It used to be that if you drove across the country, you could tell where you were by what food was being served in the restaurants where you stopped.  Chowder and the like in New England; grits, ham, eggs & gravy in the South; gumbo as you head past the Gulf; Tex-Mex and a spicier palate through the Southwest.  Now, the restaurants at each stop across the nation are the same: Ruby Tuesday.  Applebee’s.  McDonald’s.  Chevy’s.  Big chains, not local diners.  Fast food has homogenized dining across the country.  I suggest to you, as preppers, that you find out what used to be served locally.  This will tell you what was successful in the past–what was grown there (and by extension what wasn’t), what was seasonal, and what you’ll probably be able to continue to produce in a long-term survival (read: full SHTF) scenario.


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