You have to wonder…

I wasn’t going to post this week–not for lack of anything to post, nor from apathy.  More that I’m still trying to nail down some of the thoughts that I’ve been wanting to post about.  I know where I want to go with them, just not necessarily how to do it.

Then I read through some of the day’s news, and did a bit of thinking about it.  We’ll call this post part one of “Why I Worry About the Nation.”  It probably won’t be very polished, as posts go, but these are some of the things that have me concerned–and, to an extent, that have me prepping.

I’ve got a series of posts planned talking about the Constitution, and some people’s complete lack of understanding of it, but I felt the need to jump the gun a little for a few points.  First:  Is it any wonder that our education system is in the state it is, when so many people are more worried about religion and prayer in school than they are about the actual education the students are getting?  Call me crazy; since no matter what religion is being pushed in a (public) school, it’s not going to be the religion of all of the student body, wouldn’t it be best to not push any religion?  Shouldn’t religion be taught at home and in church (or synagogue, or temple, or grove, or circle, or what-have-you)?  Let’s leave the teachers alone so they can teach.

Second:  Apparently, the FBI/DOJ have a program out to help various people in the community spot potential terrorists.  Their warning signs include: people paying cash for things, or being reluctant to give out personal information.  People willing to travel “illogical” distances to pick up equipment/supplies.  People wanting to learn to SCUBA dive.  Again, call me crazy…  Isn’t cash the law of the land?  “Legal tender for all debts public and private”, as is printed on the bills?  And I’m reluctant to give out personal information, too–look through this blog, for instance; there’s not a whole lot of personal information to be had, if I’m doing things right.  I’m certainly not going to spill my bio to the barista at the next cafe I hit…  I’ve been known to drive quite a distance to get stuff, too–miles out of the way, in fact; primarily because in doing so I can look at & handle the thing(s) I’m buying, to know that they are, in fact, what I’m looking for.  Or because that’s the only place I can find it, or in that size, or for that price.  And how many people, exactly, take up SCUBA each year?  It seems to me that if we’ve dropped to this level of paranoia, the terrorists have indeed won–after all, their main goal is to induce this level/type of terror.

Third:  The NY Times has a piece lauding Michigan’s governor for managing to pull a budget surplus out of his hat.  Sounds great, right?  Here’s a gem from about halfway down the first page:

The attorney general wants 1,000 new police officers after 3,200 were cut around the state over the last decade. Schools leaders say they need to offset cutbacks that have left teachers laid off and schools closed. Child advocates want money for early education for toddlers from poor families; construction workers want money for Michigan’s crumbling roads; and on and on.

Sounds like a dream vacation spot–none of those pesky police around to do things like uphold laws; too few teachers and schools to actually educate kids; “crumbling roads.”  All this, and a budget surplus, due to extreme cuts in the budget.  Here’s a prediction:  If the Michigan budget were to remain unchanged, within a few years, one of two things would happen:  either the surplus would dry up and the state would go bankrupt, or all of the state (even Madison) would come to resemble Detroit.  (Possibly, as a third alternative, both…)

Fourth, and finally for this post:  Have you taken a look lately at the Republican candidates for president?  They very nearly satirize themselves…  That whole process is like watching the proverbial slow-motion train wreck.

Is anyone else having these sorts of thoughts?  Care to share?


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5 Responses to You have to wonder…

  1. DemLib in AZ says:

    Hi, I’m not receiving any notifications of your new posts – I DO however, seem to receive replies to the “Leave a Reply” – I wonder if you can put something in this part, so that would let me (and maybe others?) know that you have published a new post? thanks!

    • That’s something that I have (thus far) left to WordPress to handle. I’ll look into it, see if I can get it to “push” notifications out better. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • OK, I’ve added a “Follow” button, in the right-hand column. That *should* (if I’m understanding things correctly) set things up to email you when I post…

  2. wyndwalkr says:

    Madison? You mean Madison Heights?

    • Ha! I didn’t catch that… Mixed up a state or two! Oops… Well, we can call it Madison Heights, if you want, or “pick your otherwise well-to-do part of the state.” 🙂

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