Because of WHAT?

Just when it looks like some of the stupid might abate for a little while, somebody comes up with something like this.  The short version is, the Bible disproves climate change, because in Genesis, God promised that “as long as the earth remains there will be seed time and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night.”  Over at Daily Kos there’s a much better send-up of this than I could do, but I still feel the need to spend a moment on this one.

Okay, so your God (which is the source of another rant, for another day) promises that the Earth will keep on truckin’.  There’s nothing there that promises we’d like or appreciate the results.  Day and night–Earth keeps rotating–check.  Cold/winter, heat/summer–Earth’s axial tilt relatively unchanged–check.  Seed time and harvest–have you dealt with some of the weeds out there lately?  And I can harvest all the weed seeds I care to–that doesn’t necessarily make them edible (or tasty).  Growing stuff to eat takes a somewhat more finely balanced climate…

All of this, in addition to the anti-female false religiosity being posited by the GOP lately.  I really can’t fathom this stuff; I mean, really–a panel on female contraception, without a female in the room?  And allowing contraception to be banned–but not caring a whit about Viagra…  The hypocrisy is palpable.  (Fortunately, the tide seems to be turning on the Viagra issue.)

I get a similar feeling when looking through many prepper sites out there–where a typical “step one” following whatever SHTF scenario reads like this one:

1. Begin with Psalm 127:1-2 and pray for God’s guidance and protection

Erm, yeah.  Part of the reason I prep is so that I don’t need to pray for guidance and protection.  Quite the contrary; when the going gets tough, my first reaction is to buckle down and do what needs doing–stopping to pray just burns up valuable time.  If I were to do any prayer, it would be after the dust had settled.

Intellectually, I suppose I can understand the reason folks turn so wholeheartedly to religion.  It’s easy, doesn’t cost anything, takes (relatively) little time, and (perhaps most importantly) absolves the individual of responsibility.  My wife would add that it means you don’t have to think–it’s all being done for you, by someone else.  All your opinions–all the “right” opinions–handed to you on a silver platter from “On High.”  My problem with it is that it’s intellectually lazy, and it misses one of the biggest points: compared to going out, getting your hands dirty, and doing something, it has almost no chance of fixing any problems.

In the interest of having a post this week, I’ll save my further thoughts on these topics for later.  What say you, readers?  Has a fair chunk of Religion in this country become a little crazy?


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One Response to Because of WHAT?

  1. wyndwalkr says:


    I was brought up in a Lutheran Church. Yeah, I guess the blandest denomination, but still…I gave up on all of it 20+ years ago. It was fundamentalist Christians that planted the seed of anti-religion in me. They are so controlled by fear. Even my bland Lutheranism had us kids memorizing the 10 commandments with the prelude to each that , “You should fear and love God so that….”
    Thanks but no thanks. When the day comes that I need a crutch, I’ll get me one of those adjustable aluminum ones with the nice panning under the armpit.

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