Spring Cleaning

Well, readers, spring has sprung!  (As of last week, actually…)  That means that warmer weather is on its way, at least for those places it hasn’t already been for several weeks.  It also means that it’s time once again to break out the BoBs, the GHBs, and the like, and check their contents, updating/changing things where necessary.

For instance, my family keeps GHBs in all of our vehicles.  They’ve been somewhat bulky, what with the winter clothing that’s been stuffed into them.  As things warm up, we’re able to slim that stuff down somewhat–to move from a heavy jacket to a vest, perhaps, or a sweatshirt.  We can also rotate out the foodstuffs: while it’s not likely to have gone bad, it’s better to pull it into our “household” food supply (for routine, daily use), replacing it with fresh stores.  Similar “tweaks” are being done in our Bug-out Bags.

This is also the time when garden plants should be at least started, if they’re not already being hardened-off (or, *gasp*, planted!).  My family is woefully behind in this regard, and we’re not likely to catch up, this year–we’re in the process of purchasing a property that will be our primary “bug-in” location.  It’s not perfect, but it’s got most of what we’re looking for, and the rest can be compensated for.  That being said, if I fall behind in my posting once or twice over the next few months, it’s because of the move.  (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…)

What are you doing with your preps this spring?

I’d like to take a moment to say a brief “welcome!” to the new visitors to the site from the last week or so.  (It seems a reader mentioned and linked to the site in a comment on Reddit’s “Collapse” sub.)  Seeing that spike in page views was quite the surprise.  I hope you find the site helpful, useful, or at least humorous, and decide to stick around for a while!


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3 Responses to Spring Cleaning

  1. Seven says:

    This was linked on reddit a few days ago and wondered if you might be interested in commenting. I’ve thought about this often and, like the author, don’t think bugging out is necessarily the most beneficial action, but YMMV.

    Sorry for putting this here, but I didn’t see an email address.

    • Nice link! While I believe the author is maybe going a little overboard (dare I say, “extreme”?) in his assessment, overall I agree with him. “Bugging out” is an extreme last resort, when all else has failed. The far better choice is bugging-in–this is where my family and I are positioning ourselves. We’ve got “get-home bags” in the vehicles, so that if things turn south quickly (a vanishing possibility, but best to have all bases covered), we can get


      . The only time we’d think about bugging out is if home was being overrun, and even then, we have a separate bug-out location to fall back to. The idea of “embracing the refugee lifestyle” is maybe a bit much… I may have to do a post on this. Thanks!

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