Still more of the little things…

Yet more irksome bits from elsewhere:

Someone pulled out an old adage, poorly:  Proper planning prevents piss poor performents.  Evidently, this wasn’t planned properly.  The word is “performance.”  With an “A”, and no “T”.

This isn’t the “worse GOP primary season ever.”  It is certainly the “worst” ever.  They’re called the comparative and superlative degrees of comparison.  Please use them.

Using wood for garden fence posts is more of a “fool’s errand” than a “fools errant”, and strictly isn’t either.  The former is a task that cannot be accomplished; the latter, a group of wandering buffoons.  (The fence posts are merely foolish, especially if they’re untreated.)

One does not get off “Scotch free.”  The phrase is “scot free”, derived from old English sceot, a payment (portion or share of taxes).  The sceot (usually termed “scot and lot”) was assessed primarily to members of a merchant guild, and paid into local or national funds.  A guildmember who didn’t pay was said to have gotten off “scot free.”

It’s “per se,” not “per say.”  I understand that they sound alike, but only the former makes sense–it’s Latin, and means “of itself”.

If you are quoting text or information from another source, you should “cite” them, not “site” them, as I’m certain they already know where they are, and are probably quite happy there.

If something is happening to a large group of objects, it’s happening to them “en masse.”  “On mass” could be either atop a solid object, or during a Sunday prayer service at church.

Lastly (for this edition), you don’t “fall pray” to predators.  Unless, of course, you want to be caught and eaten.  No, should the unthinkable occur and you do get caught and eaten, you have “fallen prey” to the predators.


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