Search engine hits

Sometimes, it’s interesting to see what brings folks to my site.  Most site statistic trackers will provide the search-engine terms that gave links, so that people who are only interested in driving traffic to their sites have a better idea of what’s working.  (Those of us writing with other purposes–informing, questioning, etc.–look at them for laughs.)

There were three queries that brought new traffic to my site earlier this week:

how to have an enjoyable weekend without spending money 1
is 1000 rounds of ak ammo enough 1
debunking doomsday preppers 1

Part of the fun is guessing which post the queries sent them to.  It’s not so hard for this batch, but sometimes it’s puzzling.

Much of my prepping is on hold as we work through typical bank paperwork for buying a new house–our Bug-In-Location!–so instead of talking about my latest preps, I’d take a moment and talk about the things those folks were looking for.

How to have an enjoyable weekend without spending money.  This is an easy one–there are lots of things to do that don’t require money; much depends on defining (or re-defining) what makes something “enjoyable.”  I quite enjoy watching the world go by while enjoying a frosty beverage.  I also enjoy doing a bit of gardening–the simple stuff, like pulling weeds and making sure things are watered.  When the weather is nice, going out and romping with the dogs is fun.  When the weather isn’t so nice, you can go through your BoB, or practice knot-tying.  There’s a wealth of things, if you’ll pardon the expression, that are free.

The second search is a bit more particular–is 1000 rounds of ammunition for an AK (I’m assuming AK-47) enough?  Depends on what you’re doing.  If you’re going hunting, then I should hope so…  In an ideal world, you’d only need the one round.  In most prepping circles, 1000 rounds is considered “a good start,” and an absolute minimum.  In a zombie apocalypse, I’d hope to have quite a large amount more than that, plus several thousand rounds in a variety of different calibers, with firearms to match.

Then there’s the third search.  I’m not entirely sure what part of Doomsday Preppers needs “debunking;” some of the scenarios, perhaps?  While it’s hard to tell what might happen in the future in any specific sense, I doubt we’ll run into most of the particular problems the folks claim to be prepping for.  Nukes dropped on Great Falls, MT?  Not likely.  Fallout from Fukushima Dai-Ichi affecting the Central Rockies?  Nope.  A dirty nuke going off in rural Idaho?  Ha!

Some of them, though, aren’t quite as far-fetched.  Financial collapse?  Possible, if not as likely as they seem to think (at least, not in the short term).  Peak oil?  Been there, done that.  Martial law, rioting, etc.?  Well, a glance at the news seems to indicate a steady drift towards a police state, but again, I’m not so sure it’s going to happen–particularly not as quickly as the depicted preppers seem to think.

So there you have it–a quick sampling of what people seem to be looking for.  If you’ve found this site through one of those links (or a similar one), please stick around, and join in the conversation!  The more, the merrier–and we’re glad of the company…


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