Frugality and Prepping, Part One

I’ll be keeping the posts short over the next couple of weeks; closing on the new property is scheduled for next week, barring unforeseen circumstances with the bank (grr!) and possible health issues (arg!).  Following that, my “copious free time” will likely be taken up with the move and renovations.  Please bear with me…

Frugality and prepping, if you believe some of what is implied by the Doomsday Preppers show, can seem almost mutually exclusive.  Many, if not most, of the people depicted on the show have spent tens of thousands of dollars, it would seem, on their preps–from years’ worth of food (stored poorly, IMHO) to surplus Army trucks.  Strikingly, perhaps, the people doing the most with the least appear to be the “lefty” types.  One example was the couple in New England, bringing their entire community into the act to become self-sufficient.  Another example, though she (and probably others) would likely deny it, is the lady in Montana, prepping to help the anticipated victims of a nuclear strike.

Prepping doesn’t need to be financially all-consuming.  With a little planning, preps can ramp up quickly on $5 per week, plus whatever “spare money” you find yourself with (the common term in the frugality/financial independence community for this money is “snowflakes”–not much by themselves, but enough of them together form a snowball).

Other frugal measures that can be taken include having a producing garden, and preserving as much of the harvest as you can.  When you must buy something, making sure to “comparison shop” to get the best price on the best item.  Finding new ways to use what might otherwise be considered “trash.”  There are millions of things–some big, some little.

I’m planning on making a regular topic out of this–“Frugality and Prepping;” so please chime in if you have suggestions and/or questions that can be covered and/or answered.  Thanks!


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One Response to Frugality and Prepping, Part One

  1. wyndwalkr says:

    IMHO If you don’t know how, learn, to COOK FROM SCRATCH. Then you can stock up on INGREDIENTS rather than pre-made meals. By learning this now, you will save on the grocery bill already, to have money to purchase more preps. And what if the the electricity is out, or the natural gas off or no propane delivery? Then after you know the basics of scratch cooking, you can learn how to cook on a rocket stove. What? Can’t bake a nice loaf on a rocket stove? Then make chapatis. Learn about stuff, and start ASAP. If you just start thinking about it, it is a step in the right direction.

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