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Another short post this week, as the Impending Move ™ moves yet again.  Problems with bank #1, so giving things a go with bank #2; thus far, things are much improved.

There are days when I can’t bring myself to look at any other Prepper websites, or read about prepping, collapse, or survivalism.  The whole blogosphere seems to get caught in a sort of temporary stasis, and it really hurts just to think about it.

Many of the sites seem to be caught up in a series of gloom-and-doom paranoid conspiracy theories (for lack of a better term).  For example, on Reddit/Collapse, the top five posts include: worries about cesium releases from Fukushima, ponderings on whether civilization has passed an environmental point of no return, and discussion about the current Aquarian age.  (Are we really back to the 60’s, and the dribble about what zodiacal age the planet is in?)  Elsewhere, the SHTF blog, normally an island of sanity, recently spent time drawing a number of wrong conclusions about the current European economic crisis.

Prepper sites, as opposed to collapse sites, seem lately to be rather myopically fixated on their Bug-Out-Bags.  I’ve seen less discussion in the last two weeks about learning how to do things when you don’t have all the equipment than about what equipment to have, so you don’t have to learn how to do stuffThere’s not even much talk about how to use the equipment…  Not exactly sustainable, or survival-oriented, to me.  (I’ve always been of the theory that knowledge trumps equipment 99% of the time–the more so since I can’t misplace my brain…)

All of the above leaves me wanting to take some time off from visiting the other sites, and go off to do my own thing.  Frankly, it gets me down a little–this sense that despite the continued sense that big things are coming, people are focussed so intensely on the minutiae that they’re not doing the basics to get ready.

Hopefully, things will have settled down a bit by next week, and we can get back to talking about some of those basics.


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