In the news this week

The impending purchase of our bug-out location continues to approach, albeit slowly.  We’ve been confronted with a number of conditions for obtaining the financing; the most difficult of which is performing some repairs–mostly paint-scraping and minor fixes…

In the larger world, I’ve run across a couple of fairly thought-provoking articles this week.  One of them directly questions “patriotism,” as widely displayed these days.  The second brushes on that concept, while addressing something I’ve had to struggle with from time to time.  They’re not “survivalist” related, as such–a topic I really need to get back to–but with the upcoming 4th of July holiday, they’re fairly germane.  And they fit in to the “left-wing” side of things, too…

On patriotism, this article takes the current slate of Republicans and the Tea Party to task for falsely claiming “patriotism” in their actions.  They have proclaimed their desire to “drown the government in the bathtub,” while simultaneously over-funding (!) the Defense Department–the better to defend us from those “Others” (i.e., any non broadly-Anglo-Saxon group out there).  When it comes down to it, they seem to define their “patriotism” in terms of an over-arching xenophobia, strict isolationism, and anti-government fervor.  Personally, I agree with the author:  true patriotism includes pride in our government.  Millions have risked (and given) their lives to preserve it, and whatever beefs one may have with the current iteration of it, it’s still one of the better systems out there…

The second article expounds a little more on this concept.  The author was a Marine in the Vietnam era, and kindly requests not to be thanked for his service:

I do not want to appear disrespectful or ungrateful, but should we meet on the street one day, do say “Hello,” or “Fine day” or other such nicety, but please do not thank me for “my service” as a United States Marine.

Personal disclosure:  I am a veteran, having retired after 20 years of service in the Navy.  On occasion, while in uniform, I would be approached by a complete stranger and thanked for my service.  I’ll admit to being baffled by this, and at a complete loss for a response; had I read this article back then, I would have made a stack of copies, and handed them out to said strangers.

If you want to truly be patriotic, don’t simply put the flag out in your yard; don’t wear a silly little lapel-pin.  Absolutely don’t spend money on the “We Support Our Troops” bumper stickers–that money gets largely funneled to the manufacturers of said stickers in China.

Take part in the government.  Contact your Congressional representatives, and let them know what you think they’re doing wrong, and what they’re doing right.  The article ends with a list of things we should be demanding of our government–make these requests of your Representatives and Senators, and of your candidates for office.  Back those requests up with your votes.

I’ll be skipping next week’s post–between the holiday, and trying to fix things at the new place, I’ll be busy.  Everyone have a safe and pleasant 4th of July, and I’ll be back on or about the 12th!


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