A beautiful time of year

No politics this week (there’s enough of it out there without my adding to it).  Just reveling in one of my favorite times of year–with perhaps a dash of prepping thrown in, for fun.

Autumn is at its most colorful, and it’s a sight to behold at the new place, as we’re surrounded by acre upon acre, mile upon mile of beautiful deciduous forest.  Despite the rather disturbing summer, the trees have put on color, and aren’t simply dropping their leaves as predicted.  We’re enjoying a rather nice Indian Summer, as well–temperatures have been easily 10 degrees above average.  I’m sure we’ll end up paying for it, once winter kicks in.  In the meantime, we can enjoy it, and take advantage of the few extra days to get things done.

We’re getting things ready for next year’s garden, laying out where the beds will go and (finally) cutting down, or at least cutting back, the trees in the orchard.  Several of them are standing dead (lovely cured cherry and apple wood for smoking things, and/or carving), one or two are probably dying, and the rest needed to be severely pruned.  There’s more to go on them yet; at least one pear tree needs a serious trim, and I have my doubts about some of the walnut trees.  And, just to prove that it’s not all work, we acquired (for free!) a worn-out tire from a local shop, and hung it in the maple tree.  While the dogs haven’t decided what to make of it, the kids love it…

We’ve moved Electricity-Free Thursday to Friday, at least temporarily, and had our first one in the new place last week.  Candles and oil lamps for light, and it was cold enough for a fire in the stove.  We’re currently cooking on propane, which simplified that part of it–the old place was all electric–and even after “lights out,” there was enough residual moonlight and starlight (!) to make navigating the house easy.  In retrospect, I’m actually more surprised than I probably should be at how well it worked…  After all, the house was built before the advent of electricity, so it was designed to be used that way–I’m just not used to it, I suppose.

Some of the goals for the coming week: empty out the basement, to inventory the jars down there and decide their fate; demolish the old smoke-house, after determining what to do with its electrical circuit; and begin clean-up of the stable-barn (dubbed the “Goat Locker”) and outside the long-barn (which will become my workshop).  There’s a party at one of the neighbors, so we’ll get to meet and mingle with more of our new neighborhood–always a good thing.

How is your autumn going?  Ready for winter?


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