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Aside from dipping into the Emergency Fund for new tires on the car, it’s been a quiet week around the LWS household.  (You do have an Emergency Fund, right?  A stash of money to cover those “unforeseen” yet strikingly regular occurrences, which always seem to cost between $500-700?)  So, I thought it would be a good idea to take a glance at what is going on elsewhere in the Prepper community.

Obviously, on the National level there are two main stories right now: the Debt Ceiling, and Gun Control.  I haven’t read the President’s latest Gun Control agenda, but if things go as they frequently seem to, it’s a little stricter than perhaps necessary.  I don’t think we’ve yet seen the “happy medium” of this particular swinging pendulum, but I do hope we reach it rather sooner than later.  The Right seems to be beating the “Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands” drum, while many on the left (with whom I disagree) are busy decrying all guns as evil.  To the former, and the NRA, I’d like to point out the part of the 2nd Amendment that says, “Well-Regulated”.  That had particular meaning at the time, but even to apply today’s senses to the words, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing.  To the latter, I’ll re-emphasize a point I tried to make last month: In the hands of someone sane, firearms can have a (thoroughly) non-evil, mundane purpose.  I’ll not belabor this topic any more…

As to the Debt Ceiling, I’m not sure why “Debt” and “Spending” keep getting conflated the way they do.  The Debt Ceiling limits how much debt the country can take on, in order to pay the bills it already owes.  Further spending is a separate animal–related, yes, in that if we spend too much now, we’ll need to pay for it later.  But Congress threatening the President with the Debt Ceiling is kind of silly–Congress authorized the spending that the Debt Ceiling covers…  So, there’s a Congressionally approved law requiring the President to spend X amount of money, yet without raising the Ceiling, there’s also a law limiting how much money the President can raise to spend–and if the latter is less than the former, there’s issues, and they begin (and end) with Congress.  Hmmmm…

Meanwhile, according to the esteemed folks over at the Survival Blog, there have been a number of people “voting with their feet,” going ex-pat and moving out of the country.  My feelings are mixed on this.  On the one hand, I hope they enjoy whatever place they decide to go–with luck, it’s not a sugar-coated dictatorship, or (apparently worse) a socialist country.  On the other hand, I kind of hope that it is one or the other, and they realize either a) what a good deal they’ve got here (not a dictatorship), or b) that socialism isn’t evil, nor is it the opposite of or enemy of capitalism.  Either one of those could see them eventually moving back.  Again, though, if they don’t, I wish them good fortune.

The Collapse sub-Reddit, meanwhile, has been on something of a Global Financial Collapse kick of late, with articles such as: “There will be no economic recovery. Prepare yourselves accordingly”, “A Description of a Potential Economic Collapse Triggered by Complexity, Debt, and Derivatives”, and the like.  I’ll grant that a financial collapse seems to be the most likely next step down the Long Collapse, but I’m not sure we don’t have another year or two before it really hits.  I also predict that the storm will originate in Europe, not here in the U.S., although I’ve got little more than a gut feeling about that–and I’ve been wrong in the past.  Still, the economy remains a point of concern, and (as always) bears watching.

My favorite Archdruid is wrapping up a cycle of posts on the end of the American Empire, and it’s getting bleaker by the day.  He’s made a number of good suggestions for individuals, many of which I’m trying to apply for myself (you have to embrace change, for instance, not just espouse it), but it’s still rather a long row to hoe.

That’s what seems to be going on in the bigger picture; what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

(Edit:  Still haven’t seen the whole thing, but what I’ve seen of the President’s proposals on new gun control don’t seem that bad–background checks for all gun sales, and broadened information sharing between federal & state agencies.)


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