Here we go again…

That really was my first thought upon seeing the news of the Boston Marathon bombings. At this stage of the game, it’s unclear who was responsible, although the “authorities” seem to have a suspect; my money is that this is something “home-grown,” but anything is possible. There has certainly been (more than) enough media coverage of the event, and it seems to be devolving into the standard cliches, so as is my wont, I’ll not directly touch on the events any more than this.

What’s interesting to me is the breathless reporting by said media on Boston and other current events, as well as the tendency to immediately jump to the worst conclusions. Ricin-laced letters sent to two Senators and the President got about fifteen minutes of air-time yesterday; this morning’s news is all about the explosion of a fertilizer factory in Texas. (“Officials as yet have no indication of the cause of the blast.” Folks, it’s a fertilizer factory. There’s a reason that stuff was used in the Oklahoma City bombing, and in homemade bombs–it’s packed full of all kinds of nitrogen compounds, which want little more than to make loud noises and shrapnel…)

Meanwhile, left out of significant reporting (it’s there, but certainly not a top story) is the failure of the Senate to pass legislation requiring expanded background checks to purchase guns. North Korea has essentially been completely superceded in the news. Bombings in Iran, many times deadlier than Boston? Meh.  And the economy–the sudden drop in precious metal prices has been interesting. (Now’s a better time to buy gold than it was last week–although I still think it’s a bad idea…)  Did anyone else see the report that the study which forms the backbone of the argument for austerity (a la Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Italy) is seriously flawed, and the actual data in fact show the opposite from what is claimed?

For myself, I’ll stick to my homestead, working with my friends and neighbors; I’ll certainly keep an eye on the news, but I’ve got enough on my plate between selling the old house and getting the garden going. Plans for various projects are still moving, and new projects are continuously popping up; compost and mulch for the garden beds, new fruit trees to replace the dead/dying ones in the “orchard”, looking for a relatively inexpensive tractor to help with the bigger chores, building a chicken coop, and fixing everything that breaks on the way. That’s more than enough to really occupy any prepper, at least for a month or two.

How is everyone else getting on with their spring prepping? Anything new to share?


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3 Responses to Here we go again…

  1. Between work, school, and an ongoing remodel I’ve not had much time for anything remotely related to self-sufficiency. I did however get eight tomato plants in the ground. It’s kind of a small homage to future dreams. 🙂

    I remember watching Walter Cronkite every night growing up and being so bored. Now I long for a reasoned news cast that reports the news instead of working for ratings. The Fourth Estate has truly devolved into an estate sale.

    • “…into an estate sale.” I like that! Mind if I borrow it?

      Having only been on the homestead since last summer, we don’t have functional compost bins yet (high on the list of projects for the year, actually); we’re eagerly awaiting a dirt delivery for the raised beds, as we already have seedlings that can probably be transplanted, and many more seeds waiting to start. 🙂 I can’t wait for fresh veggies straight from the garden!

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