Being Brief

Today’s is going to be a short one; there’s too much going on, unfortunately, to spend much time writing.  Yes, there’s a lot going on in the “real world”, but a significant portion of that is, I think, a whole lot of noise with very little signal.

We’ve been putting off working in the garden lately, to include delaying transplanting seedlings.  I hope to rectify that for the most part today, but in retrospect, it seems like it wasn’t such a bad thing: we had a frost warning a few nights back, and a week ago were suffering from torrential deluges of rain.  Next up, of course, will be heat waves, but it looks as though drought will be holding off for a while longer.

Some of our plants, though, seem to be quite enjoying themselves.  We’ve got apples, pears, peaches, and cherries all with fruit set; the blackberries will be blooming over the next few days/weeks; and we’ve piled more dirt onto our “potato towers” (more on these below).  Most of our herbs are doing quite well, although I fear our dill has breathed its last.  And allow me to extol the virtues of winter grain crops!  I’ve only got small plots this year; I hope to expand later in the summer, and have “usable sizes” for next year.  Still, it’s a wonder to see more stalks develop their grain heads each day.  (Grains are marvelously low-maintenance, too: they’re like grass, but you don’t have to mow them every week…)

Back to the potato towers: we went to a local tire place and asked for tires they were going to dispose of.  They gave us four, for free (saved them the task and fee of disposal). We set two out, filled them with dirt, and planted seed potatoes.  As they grew, we put another tire on the first, and filled with dirt (leaving a few leaves poking out the top).  Rinse, and repeat: we’ve got to get more tires, to be able to place a third one on each of the towers.  The black tires keep the potatoes warm (and relatively safe); as we build up more and more dirt, they’ll put out more and more tubers (that’s the plan).  Then, at the end of the season, we can tilt the whole thing over, dig out the spuds, and move the dirt to other places it’s needed (the raised beds have already settled a little…).

Add into the mix family visits, and clearing the jars from the basement (we’re going slowly with that one, for now–it should pick up in a few weeks), and random miscellaneous construction projects that go hand-in-hand with an old farmhouse, and things have been busy.

What have you been up to?  What topics would you like to see me address, as the summer approaches?


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