I’ve Got Mine…

The news has been pretty rough this month–each week, it seems, another tragedy. This week’s events were massive tornadoes in Oklahoma. Last week was all about political scandals (most of which turned out to be fluff in the end). The week before was a bizarre, extreme cold spell, with snow in the Northern Midwest. Next week will surely bring something new.

The more I think about such things, the more I have come to believe that not only are we facing a Long Collapse, we’re facing one that is being quite subtle in some ways. The descent is being far from uniform, and different areas are being hit in different manners. Extremely localized collapses are occurring with regularity; when things get rebuilt afterwards, it seems they’re never quite as good as they were originally. (This may be my age and nostalgia showing.  “Kids these days…”)

Amid all of this, I’m seeing a fairly consistent attitude from much of the right-wing.  (Or, to put it better, from much of the highly-visible portion of the right wing.) This attitude can be best summed up as: “As long as I get/have gotten mine, screw everyone else.” I’m getting a tax cut, but don’t care if you are. I’ve got a job, but you are obviously too lazy to try to get one. We need emergency aid for my state, but the aid bill for your state is too full of pork (I’m looking at you, Senator Coburn). It can even be extended into the scandals: The IRS targeting liberal groups during the Bush era was OK, but targeting conservative groups now brings calls for impeachment!

What to do about all of this? Well, we have to wait, and be patient. Vote in our elections (and if “they” make it difficult to vote, well–that’s part of where the patience comes in) and write to our elected representatives. In the end, short of becoming a part of it ourselves (a la Senator Warren–a path I’ve even briefly considered), there’s not a whole lot we can actively do to change things. We can prepare for the next possible calamity, and work on improving what we can.

Yes, brief again this week; the kids are starting to wind up school, the garden is beginning to grow; upkeep, repairs, and renovation are being done to the house and homestead. I’m keeping busy; what are you all up to?


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2 Responses to I’ve Got Mine…

  1. Ann says:

    Yes it does seem to be the long decline. I’m letting my garden go fallow for the most part and buying from the local farmer’s market. Time is tight and in California, water is even tighter. I didn’t have time to set up the clover and vetch to dig under for dry farming, so its just herbs and medicinals. Not by choice, but my time has to be spent elsewhere. I have had to take on the VA for my 90 year old father to try and get him some of the health care he fought for in WWII, on top of that I had to take a third job for the summer, and more time watching the granddaughter, as her Mom and Dad have to work longer and harder to pay the bills. I watch the Mid-West with dismay. I was born in Wisconsin and still have kin there. I worry about where all those people will go if, as predicted, the storms get worse as the climate warms. All I can do is send prayers and some cash for the folks hit by these storms.
    So sad.

    • My sympathies in dealing with the VA. I’ve been retired for going on two years now, and am still waiting for the last of my disability evaluations… Time is tight everywhere, it seems.
      The Midwest can’t seem to win, lately, between drought and flooding, and with blizzards and “freak” storms becoming the new “normal”.

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