An Open Letter

Sorry, all, I have to rant a bit this week.

An open letter to a variety of folks:

If you send me forwarded emails, especially political ones: Please take one of a few different actions. I’d prefer if you at least spent a few minutes on Google, checking that the substance of the email is in fact true. (Yes, the ACA enacted an excise tax on medical equipment. No, the tax doesn’t apply to sporting goods. Yes, the receipt from Cabela’s in January showed that it did; their point-of-sale software (upgraded for the new year) was mistaken, and the money was refunded.) Failing that, please take the time to treat the email as I do every post, giving it categories and tags. A simple list of keywords in the front of the email would suffice; just something to ease the load on my spam-filters a little.

[Speaking of my spam-filters, I have multiple email addresses. One is for work-type stuff. One is for my hobbies. One is what I use when I think I might get spam: filling out forms at stores, or ordering things online. I’m sorry to say, I also use that one for most of my friends and family. After a while, when they’ve “proven” they don’t spam me with forwarded hyper-political (and usually untrue) dreck, I might suggest to them (privately) that they use one of my other email addresses…]

My new policy for emails: If I get a “forwarded” email from you, I will scan it to get a gist of what it’s about. I will then go to Google, and type in key words from the email. If, using the top ten substantive results (anything simply repeating the email doesn’t count), I can disprove the substance of the email, I will be setting up a filter. Your emails, from that point on, will go into a “holding” file, where they are flagged as potential spam. After a third email containing such a message, the destination folder will become the “junk” folder, which will get periodically cleaned “with extreme prejudice.”

Unfortunately, this means I will probably miss out on the occasional important email; I can already tell I’ll be cutting off a couple of close relatives. However, my life is busy enough, between work, the farm, the kids, the dogs, and the house; I don’t have time to spend sifting through every one of your emails, particularly if the signal-to-noise ratio over time is too bad.

(For those relatively few relatives and friends who come to me to fix all of their computer issues, a similar system is going to be instituted: If a solution to your problem can be found in the top 10 results from Google, my consultation fee is $25…)

OK, rant mostly off.  Next week, back to prepping. Yes, it’s the height of summer; are you ready for winter yet?


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I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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