Yet more of the little things…

A quick one, this week.  Next week, I’ve got another list to go over–one that will probably take several posts…

Even more irksome bits from elsewhere:

Affordable healthcare wasn’t “begrudged by” the poor; the rich people who could afford it were.  (Begrudge: verb; to envy [someone] the possession of [something]).  Better phrasing: the poor begrudged the rich their access to healthcare.

One does not drown sours.  If you have a sad, you might turn to alcohol to drown your sorrows.  Alternately, if you have some mouth-puckering hard candies, you might down the (lemon) sours.

If you’re doing something–usually something tedious–all the time, you’re doing it “week in, week out.”  The phrase “weekend, week out,” describes my Friday afternoons…

When giving your (often unasked) opinion on things, you’re putting in your “two cents.”   Your “two sense” is both grammatically incorrect, and vague–which two are you putting in? Sight and taste?

On a different note, is anyone but me tired of blatant radio ads from various political groups?  The ones that go something like: “Writ your congressmen and the president and tell them to outlaw biofuels, ethanol additives, and wind energy.  Paid for by the American Gasoline Institute.”  Sick of ’em…


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