Why? Why not? Part Four

And now, part four of going over the list of reasons people won’t prep.  This is points sixteen through twenty of thirty-five total, so there will be three more of these…  (The original posting with the entire list is here.)

16.  Again and again I hear these fear mongers exaggerate the threat level, another false alarm.

This is why I’ve long since decided to ignore specific predictions: they’re way too easy to get completely wrong.  Y2K, Mayan 2012 apocalypse? Bust.  Camping’s predictions, last year? Bust.  (There’s a nice list of these “busted” predictions on Wikipedia, dating from 634BCE…)  I’d much prefer to prepare for the unpredictable as best I can, the better to be ready for “bolts from the blue” such as tsunamis, hurricanes, and the like, never mind the smaller, day-to-day “emergencies” (flat tire on the highway; etc.).  If you’re prepping for just in case anything goes wrong, you can ignore the fear-mongers (mostly).  (I’ve also found that if you’re ready for the entire miscellany of small stuff, you tend to be covered–or at least have a very good start–for dealing with the big things…)

17.  I have a good car and family in other areas, if anything happens I will just go stay with them.

If they’ll let you stay with them (for a night or two after an emergency–probably; for a few weeks of cleanup & rebuilding–maybe not so much).  If you can drive your car out to their place–are you leaving before or after the emergency?  If you got out of coastal New Jersey before Sandy, you had a chance.  If you waited until afterwards, the roads were largely unpassable.  And let’s talk traffic jams during evacuation (I was in one in Hawaii, once–took us literally hours to go a few miles…).  If you’re going to bug-out, you’d better have a well-developed bug-out plan in place: the relatives know you’ll be coming; you’ll have a BoB with some supplies for yourself; etc. etc.

18.  I work all week long and I am going to spend my extra money on fun rather than fear.

Being prepared, in the long-term, is about working to beat the fear, rather than trying to ignore it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for going to the occasional movie, having a night out with the guys, and the like.  But I can do so in full knowledge of the fact that I’m pretty well set in the event of an emergency.  I have a plan, I have the things I need to implement the plan, and I know how to use those things.  While I’ll happily help you out to the best of my ability after an emergency, if you have lots of movie ticket stubs and bar tabs, but no preps, expect a bit of “I told you so”.  (Oh, and expect to help me out, too, in exchange for the assistance… I’m helping, not giving a handout.)

19.  Survival supplies taste bad, I can’t live on this for long at all.

Sounds like you need to learn to cook.  You probably need to learn some better storage, too.  “Survival supplies” don’t have to be MRE’s and/or packs of Ramen noodles.  We’ve got a fair bit stored from our garden, and a large, varied selection of stuff we’ve accumulated from the grocery store…  In fact, if we had to stick solely to our “survival supplies,” we’d eat pretty much the same as we do any other day/week/month.  So again, this excuse boils down to laziness.

20.  If a true catastrophe occurs we are going to die anyway, besides that I don’t want to live through it anyway.

Wow, all-in with the fatalism.  Actually, what I’m reading here is, “I can’t imagine what my place would be in a world that has changed that dramatically.”  In all likelihood, your place would be the same as it is now, once we’ve picked up the pieces after the crisis.  If you’re the type to just lay down and die in the event of a disaster, there’s probably not a whole lot I can do to convince you to do otherwise–but that begs the question, why are you reading this blog?  I believe most people will fight tooth & nail to hang on to life; being prepared for a catastrophe (or, more to the point, being prepared for the aftermath) makes the part that follows just that much easier.

Next week: The Get-Home Bag.  Enjoy!


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