Bug Out (Part Six: the last of the BoB)

(Disclaimer: I’ll be putting a bunch of links to items in this series of posts; the links go to the Amazon pages for those items.  I’ve got an Amazon Associates account; as such, if you click through the link and purchase the item, the cost to you wont’ change, but I get a percentage.  That being said, the items I’m linking to are examples of what I’ve got, not of what I think you should get.  Assess for yourself, and get what you feel you need/want/can afford.  The links are not an endorsement of the items, nor of Amazon or the individual sellers on Amazon.)

Okay, now that I have things working again (my issues seem to be oddly computer-specific, today), let’s see if I can wrap up this series of things.  The items from the BoB (Part Four of this series) that I forgot:

  • Maps of the area.  We’ve got several; street maps work just fine, but we’ve actually got several simply printed out from Google Maps.  One is a fairly close-in shot, showing the neighbors out to about a mile out.  One shows most of the roads for about five or six miles, and the third is zoomed out to encompass the two largest local towns.  On this last, we’ve marked important things such as fire departments, hospitals, and the like.
  • A steri-pen.  Yet another method of water purification–this one appeals to the geek in me.  (I could probably throw a couple of Life-Straws in, as well…)
  • A hand-crank-powered flashlight, which doubles as a charger.
  • A variety of charging cables, for the assortment of cell phones and miscellaneous small electronics.
  • A deck of cards–simple entertainment for when nothing else is available.
  • A “backup” version of my GHB: pocket fresnel lens; a variety of fire-starters from matches through fire steels to flint & steel; multi-tool; headlamp; knife, etc.
  • An emergency whistle.
  • A spork.
  • A variety of more sacks, bags, and pouches than I had realized.
  • A number of “Figure-9” line tools, with a fair amount of 550 cord attached thereto.
  • My BoB has a fleece sleeping bag liner, from when I was deploying on submarines–it rolls up into a small bundle, and doesn’t weigh much, but if I had to get out of the house on a cold night like tonight, it would be very welcome. (I plan on getting more of these, for the other bags, in the next few months.)
  • A pad of paper/notebook and a writing utensil–we’ve got several pencils, since they can be sharpened with a knife (or even a rock, if need be), and won’t run out of ink at inopportune moments.

Again, this is only a sample list–adjust what you’ve got to your own needs, desires, and ability to carry.  There’s probably still a few things I’m leaving out (I don’t have a detailed list of the clothing, but it changes seasonally), and I’m certain there are things I still need to put in the bags (I need to finalize a thumb drive loaded with important documents), but by now I hope you get the idea.

I should emphasize again that the purpose of the BoB is to cover as many of my bases as possible for if I should have to leave the house suddenly, as in a fire or similar catastrophe.  It’s a “grab-and-go” sort of thing; I hope not to need to do any long-distance hiking with it (such as to my bug-out location, which would be a longer hike than I want to admit), but rather to “rough it”, preferably not far, for a few days (until the emergency is over, or better accommodations can be found).

So, there you have it.  What am I forgetting?  What would you put in a bag?  What ideas have I given you for your bag?


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