It’s a Brand New Year!

Some folks, unfortunately, seem not to have gotten the message.  The Congress, back from its holiday break, continues merrily along either doing nothing or else actively harming a large portion of the public.  The Religious Right ™ is practically foaming at the mouth over perceived injustices (especially outside the Oklahoma City Courthouse), despite things actually being pretty much the other way ’round.  The list goes on…

Speaking of some folks who don’t get it, in my regular scouring of the Reddit Collapse board, there were two recent posts that caught my attention.  The first is a classic example of someone a) not really aware of what the subreddit is about, and b) apparently just having the light turned on.  Yes, we’re teetering on the brink of a massive collapse–but (as I’ve often stated here) I think it’s perhaps not as steep a collapse as many would like.  Yes, it’ll probably be very difficult, if not impossible, to drag ourselves back “up” to a “modern” standard of living after we’ve hit the bottom–but we’re tricksy little monkeys, and I’m certain we’ll find ways to ease our pain somehow.

The second of the two posts is in some ways more interesting, and it reflects (I believe) the opinion of a majority of the actual public–at least, I think they’d start off saying something similar, then simply muddle along afterwards.  How do we manage, planning for TEOTWAWKI, looking at just “surviving” afterwards?  Ha!  Well, firstly, that’s not what I’m planning for.  I’m planning for all the little bumps in the road that happen on a regular basis already–frozen water pipes, for instance (twice in the last week), or emergency doctor runs (the week before that).  It just happens that in the course of covering all of those bases I’m getting myself set up pretty well for if it all goes down in a flash.  Not perfectly, mind–there are so many things to think about, I don’t believe any one person can cover them all.  But certainly a fair percentage of it.  And it won’t be mere survival–I hope to thrive; it’ll be hard, and dirty, and not at all pretty, but it’ll be done.

This is a pretty substance-free post; my apologies, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks (see the paragraph above).  I’ve got water, and the doctor visit was outpatient–I’m already done with the meds I was prescribed (someone remind me to chat sometime about the beauty of socialized medicine).  The diesel car, which was rather cranky in the single-digit weather, has returned to its somewhat less cranky “warmer-than-freezing” attitude.  I’ll try to find another list somewhere–there are certainly enough of them–and there was a lovely article somewhere about how “survival prepping” will absolutely depend on having a community; I may try to find that one for discussion next week.

In the meantime, I hope everyone’s holidays were pleasant, and I wish you a prosperous, well-prepared new year!


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2 Responses to It’s a Brand New Year!

  1. Carla says:

    A happy and prosperous (and safer) new year to you. Finding a voice for preparations that is not far right wing is not an easy task, as I had discovered doing a great deal of research.

    I cannot find a way to email you, but I have sort of a side question for you so I’ll just post it here. Nearly two years ago, I wrote a post-apocalyptic survival novel. After a few months on Amazon and slightly improving sales each month, it suddenly took off. It was in the top 100 of two genre categories for a few months before the market niche seemed to get saturated. I would like to send you a gift copy via Amazon if you find such books interesting. I will be doing a “free” promotion on Amazon for that novel in the coming weeks (in anticipation of the sequel novel being released). So I’m hoping that if you find my novel interesting, you would be willing to announce the day(s) it will be free for your readers. (I don’t have the days scheduled yet.)

    If this is not something you’re comfortable with, I certainly respect that and no hard feelings. I think you will be able to respond via my email as I enter it in order to post here. Thanks and keep up the efforts to reach others on “our side” of the political spectrum.

    • Carla: Thanks! I’m happy to announce the availability of your book/sequel. Fair warning, though: I’m as likely as not to review it, and I’ll be just as unflinching as I am with any of the right-wing sites/books/etc. (Fairly, I hope, but there it is.) I’m reachable via email at: leftwingsurvivalist gmail com. (I’ll also reply to this via email, just to start the ball rolling.)

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