Hurting my Head – Make It Stop

So, there’s apparently been a nationwide outbreak of crazy recently.  That’s the only thing I can come up with to explain it.

First, there were some folks convinced that alien spacecraft had landed on the moon, and were visible.  A quick glance at the photos had me convinced: these people don’t know what sighting reticles (“crosshairs”) are, or what they are for, in photos.  (I can’t find the ‘article’ right now, or I’d link to it.)

Then, you’ve got the increasing number of anti-vaxers: people convinced that getting vaccines and immunizations is a bad thing.  The latest (at least, the latest that’s crossed my radar screen) is a claim that the “herd immunity” effect is a lie.  (For those not in the know: “herd immunity” is when a sufficient percentage of the population–often a surprisingly low number–has been vaccinated or is otherwise not susceptible to a disease.  The spread of the disease throughout the rest of the population is significantly buffered, and epi- or pan-demics tend to fizzle out very quickly.)  As near as I can tell, the argument is that since not *everybody* is protected via the immunizations, we should scrap the whole thing.  As one who has messed with serious pathogens in a previous job, all I can do is give them that look, jaw agape…

Then you have the political front.  There’s the (Republican) Florida state House candidate calling for hanging the President.  The (Republican) House hopeful from Chicago going full Westboro.  And others (link to a list on DailyKos–several other links within that one).  I could probably post a dozen more such stories without trying really hard.

Then there’s the climate change denialists.  Yes, it’s cold here in the States right now–exceptionally so, depending on where you live.  First, these wild swings (to include exceptionally cold ones) were predicted by the scientists studying climate change.  Second, there’s a reason we call it Global climate change.  You do realize that Australia is essentially on fire right now?  There’s one firestorm large enough to have developed its own weather patterns?  That kind of offsets the single digit temperatures we’ve been seeing lately.  (And one wonders what this summer is going to be like…)

Seriously, people, it’s starting to make my head hurt.  It’s called critical thinking, and while it isn’t always (usually?) easy, and it doesn’t always end up with answers that make you happy, it will–when properly done–end you up at THE TRUTH, which is a much better place to be, in the grand scheme of things.

End of rant.  Hopefully we can be more productive next week.


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