Ten Signs – A New List, Part One

Of the numerous other blogs that I visit, one of the better ones has to be the SHTF Blog.  They’ve got a quartet of posters who take turns writing; for the most part, they’re pretty “middle-of-the-road” as preppers go, with lots of good prepping info on equipment and gardening and the like.  I generally look forward to reading their stuff every day.

All that being said, one of them put up a list the other day, and (me being me) I can’t resist going over it.  So, without further ado, I present:  My Take on Ten Signs of a Crumbling Society (part one).

1.  We’re moving towards becoming a police state. When even the littlest police department has a SWAT team delivering warrants for minor things and a simple traffic stop could end up with the driver in the hospital because the cops didn’t like the way he rolled down his window we’ve got trouble.

I have zero quibbles with this point.  Once upon a time, SWAT teams were rarities, mainly occurring in the big cities (New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago).  Now, they seem to be everywhere, and they’re being used for things that don’t necessarily require special weapons or tactics.  I find the whole thing quite disturbing.

2.  Our privacy is gone. We have the NSA reading our email, listening to our phone conversations, and any other type of communication medium out there. This is another sign our government is taking away more and more of our freedom.

I rate this one “half-right.”  Yes, our privacy has been/is/is being eroded, but I don’t believe the NSA has nearly so much to do with it as the news (or Edward Snowden) would have us believe. I’m not so sanguine about any big company or corporation–I’m looking at you, Google and Amazon and Walmart and any of a billion other ones. Even if they’re not actively doing it, it seems that they’re being careless in helping protect us from it (your turn, Target).  It’s not so much that the government is taking away more of our freedoms–at least, not in this fashion–as that the titans of business are doing so.

3.  The market is only doing well because the Fed has been pumping $80 billion in fake money to prop it up. If they were to cut this money out suddenly God knows what would happen, but it likely wouldn’t be good.

I don’t think I agree with this one. The government pumping money into the system is, I believe, a pretty good response to the ongoing economic crisis.  I don’t know that I’d necessarily be using Fed bond buy-backs to do it. (A huge stimulus–much bigger than the one passed by Bush–would probably be better, but good luck getting that through Congress.) As it stands, the Fed is cutting this money, but it’s doing it slowly.  Every time it happens, the market drops for a day or two, then eventually climbs back.  I don’t believe a “sudden cessation” is in the cards–and I’d bet that they’ll have tapered it off completely before we need to worry about anything sudden happening.

4.  People are becoming more and more unstable out there. Folks walking into a theater and opening fire, or driving through a crowd of innocent people or over kids playing in the street for no reason at all. This suggests to me that people care less about consequences and at least part of that may be due to high stress levels we live in today. The economy, lack of jobs, and other pressures are causing people to snap.

I mostly agree with this one, too; I think it’s been an issue for a while, and getting worse over the last decade or so. Stress? Certainly a part of it. The economy, joblessness, etc.? Yep. Something missing in how this generation has been/is being raised? Quite possibly. It’s a complex problem, and the root causes are probably all over the map–and could probably be a post or six in and of themselves.

5.  Economic pressure. For example: both parents are now working full time to support the family. I have a good job that pays pretty well and so does my wife. We both make decent money, but we’re not rich by any stretch. We don’t spend extravagantly yet every time it looks like we might get ahead by a little the oil bill hits or something else pops up. The lifestyle we used to live is slipping away and now we’ll have to make cuts somewhere in order to save any cash.  For example:  daycare is $300 a week for two kids!

Ah, to live in a place where daycare was $300/week for two kids…  Last I checked, anywhere in a couple hundred mile radius of where I live has daycare pegged at a bit over $600 a week per child. When my two were of that age, and we were looking at my wife taking a full-time job, we calculated that we’d be taking a hit in the pocketbook to the tune of about $200/week, if we were lucky. That bit aside, I understand exactly where the original poster is coming from, and I agree with this one completely.

I’ll finish up with the second half of the list next week.  What say you, readers?  How do you like the list so far?  What do you agree with, and where would you quibble?


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