A Bunch of Random

Scattered thoughts this week; I’ll try to pull things together into a bit more coherence next week.

I’m officially done with winter.  We’ve had nearly 6x our typical annual snowfall; my winter grains have probably all winter-killed.  Now that it’s trying to warm up (and rain), the ground is too soggy to do much, and it’s likely to stay that way for weeks.

I really enjoy having a new chainsaw, with a sharp chain.  It makes dealing with pesky downed trees and limbs so much nicer.  My splitting technology is still about 50 years plus old–splitting maul, wedges, and sledges–but I hope to have that remedied by fall.  Getting all of this stuff down and split will work wonders for my heating bill next year; it’ll be that much less firewood that I’ll have to buy…

Folks really need to learn how to drive in/on snow and ice.  Four-wheel drive means “go,” not “stop.”  You’ve got better traction on ice when the wheels are rolling–braking means sliding.  If the temperature is below freezing, and the road looks wet, it’s probably ice.  Speeds should be significantly less than posted; less yet if you’re inexperienced; less still yet if your car isn’t ready for it (how’s your tire tread?).

Cast iron is phenomenal stuff.  It’s one of my favorite things to cook on; it puts on heat relatively gradually, but holds on to it for a long time.  If properly seasoned, it’s practically non-stick.  It lasts forever, and only needs minimal maintenance to do so–basically, fry up some bacon on it every couple of weeks.  If it’s been neglected, it’s easy enough to restore it.  It comes in all sorts of marvelous shapes–skillets, griddles, pans, and (my favorite) the Dutch Oven.  Perhaps I’ll go over “rescuing” cast iron in a future post…

Some days, there’s nothing better thanthis:  Not getting hit by other drivers while driving home through snow and ice. Slogging through knee-deep snow to cut up and move a tree that’s fallen on a part of your fence, then coming back inside to stoke the fire in the wood stove. Finally, relaxing while eating something tasty dished out of your Dutch Oven and watching the flames dance.


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3 Responses to A Bunch of Random

  1. Ann Dinapoli says:

    Check out Mother Jones.com, Environmental Desk, Feb 21, 2014. “Is the Arctic Drunk, or Does It Just Act Like This Sometimes?” Especially the “Inquiring Minds” podcast. A wonderful example of of the best of scientific debate and inquiry.
    Thank you for our voice in the wilderness.

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