Snips, Snails…

Recently, while perusing YouTube looking for some information on wiring a small solar generator (more on this later), I stumbled across another list (turn down your volume before opening).  This one, from a fellow’s YouTube Channel, proposes 10 things that are necessary to be considered a “prepper” (as opposed to a “survivalist”, a completely different animal).

The guy starts well.  He’s a bit rambling, and not necessarily 100% coherent, but he certainly has some good points.  Made me laugh on a number of occasions.  He’s got quite a bit of non-directed anger, which I suppose is understandable.  Overall, I’d rate his “10 requirements” at “9 stars” out of ten–he had me up until the very end.  But that being said, I can’t really argue with his points:

  1. Health.  Don’t call yourself a “prepper” if you can’t make it from the living room to the kitchen without getting winded.  You’ve absolutely got to take care of your health first and foremost.
  2. Friends.  Not “the other guys in your militia.”  Actual friends, with whom you get together and do things.  You’ve got to have them, you’ve got to be able to make more.
  3. Know your neighbors.  Don’t just know the “firing lanes” towards their houses.  Actually know your neighbors, and build a community.  You’ll be better off in the longer term.
  4. Focus on skillsets.  Not just bushcraft.  Not just firearms.  As much as you can learn to do self-sufficiently, you should.  Minor vehicle maintenance (change a tire?  change the oil?), basic carpentry (driving screws, nails, and saws).  Animal husbandry (how to feed chickens; how to deal with an unruly dog).  All kinds of things.
  5. Know how to grow and preserve food.  Not on a farm scale–although if you can do that, great–but even as small as an herb garden in pots in a windowsill.  And preserve what you grow, be it by drying, salting, smoking, canning, or whatever.
  6. Cook.  Know how to cook healthful, nourishing food.  Have a variety.  Learn some of the basics of cooking, and figure out how to mix and match styles and ingredients to spice things up.
  7. Preppers don’t hide.  If the government really cared about who you are, they’d be able to find you with little-to-no difficulty.  Don’t do anything illegal, and they won’t much care about who you are–and you can spend that much more time/energy/money on your other prepping.
  8. Off-grid for at least one month.  This means no grocery runs, no “outside” electricity.  This is the hardest one so far, I’d say–but even this is relatively doable, with a little thought and effort.
  9. Happy and hopeful.  If you’re waiting for the world to end, how great can your overall outlook be?  Talk about being a wet blanket at a party…
  10. Belief in God.  This is where he lost me.  I’d say you can be fully successful simply having a belief that you can make it through whatever situation, and come out alive on the other side.  Not just “to survive,” but to live.

He also had 10 acts that (in his opinion) immediately disqualify you from being a prepper; that’s a list for another time.  I’ll have to check out more of his videos for a better grasp of just where this guy is coming from, but I’m favorably impressed by this snippet.

What say you?  Would you add anything to his list?  Remove anything?


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2 Responses to Snips, Snails…

  1. plantwomyn says:

    Actually in my experience there have been quite a few people who many would consider “disabled” that were WAY more useful that “physically” capable people. My great grandfather was a diabetic and lost his legs, I never knew him when he wasn’t wheelchair bound. BUT he taught me a TON of stuff, he ruled his domain, and he made the most bad @ss cinnamon rolls in the universe. At 9 he taught me how to drive with at cane. On all too many of these sites macho men love to pretend that it is all about the survival of the fittest. We evolved because of our brains. Our elders, our artisans, our journeymen, are our most valuable asset. Yes we need muscle but the fact is that the brain is our best survival tool and experience can be shared and it’s fruit taught to others. I agree with the point where he lost you. We have all got to realize that morality has little if anything to do with religion. Accepting that no matter your belief, or lack there of, your ability to be a productive, nurturing and valued member of a group starts with a willingness to give of yourself.

    • I agree with you on all counts. There’s a big difference between “healthy” and “capable”–as well, a big difference between “unhealthy” and “disabled”. Personally, if it were my list of 10 “requirements,” I’d change “skill sets” to “knowledge” (the brain is the best tool) and put it first.

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