For one’s own sake

As mentioned in my previous post, before last week’s hiatus, lots of things recently have been “up in the air.”  Predictably, some of those things are starting to come back to earth.  Here’s where we are:

  • My wife’s friend is out of the hospital again. In addition to everything else, she’s now being given (extremely addictive!) painkillers, and still laments often that “God hates her,” at least in part due to…
  • Her dog has a UTI, a double ear infection, and possible liver problems, all in addition to (still) not really knowing how to dog. (The animal is poorly socialized, not used to schedules/routines/rules, and ‘plays’ like an 80-pound puppy–whose ‘nips’ have already been the cause of another vet visit.)
  • Work, at least, is settling down. I’m off to a new office next week, and things will be played by ear–but at least no pay cuts (or layoffs!) are forthcoming.
  • The greenhouse has been repaired and re-established. Judicious application of some rope and a couple of cinder blocks are thus far working to hold it down, despite 40+ mph wind gusts. Seeds have been re-done, so when warm weather finally gets here, we may have some sprouts. Our mix of varieties has shifted, but it was going to do that over time anyway.
  • Two months until chickens!  A coop has been built, but it’ll probably get converted into a tractor, and a new one built to replace it.  (Suggestions? I can certainly build one for cheaper than buying one. I’m looking for plans…)
  • Speaking of plans, they are afoot to expand the “orchard,” such as it is. I’ve got two new apple trees on their way, and we’ve pruned the old trees (mostly removing dead and/or cracked branches from the winter).
  • SNOW?!  We had just gotten things thawed, and dried out a little…

One theme running through all of this–something my wife’s friend hasn’t figured out, and by which our various priesthoods (theological, technological, or otherwise) do us all a disservice–is that God/Fate/the Universe/pick your ‘higher power’ doesn’t hate anyone. Nor does it love anyone.  No, it simply doesn’t careIf you set yourself up to be ready (prepared), you’ll be pretty well covered.  If not, you’ll get eaten.

Me, I’m banking on preparedness.  That’s what this is about, though; not just to ‘survive,’ but to thrive through whatever hardships come.  How about you all–have you more or less made it through the winter intact?


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One Response to For one’s own sake

  1. plantwomyn says:

    Mother Earth News has good plans for chicken tractors. Pallets are a cheap source of materials.

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