This should probably be one of the key words for prepping.  I’m always surprised at the folks who think they know exactly how everything is going to fall apart, and prep for that eventuality.  Where will they be when things go another way?  More prepared for it than otherwise, certainly; I’m curious as to whether the resulting cognitive dissonance will cause some degree of freeze-up. (Vapor-lock of the brain, anyone?)

Additionally, it seems that with the rapid-fire “world crises” of late, much of the  community is suffering from “prepping ADD.”  Where will the “EOTW” come from?  Now it’s a financial crisis; now it’s WW3 due to this crisis or that; I’ve even seen posited that “something big is brewing under the Ring of Fire” and the Big Earthquake ™ is coming.  Something new every day…

For our part, we had hoped to renovate our kitchen this summer, to the tune of far more money than I really like thinking about; with my job throwing me a big question-mark, we’ve had to shift focus elsewhere.  Instead of the big-budget kitchen makeover, we’re doubling the size of our garden.  More money is being put into the chicken preps than might be otherwise.  Other things are likewise getting more attention.

What doesn’t change (much) however are the basics, for a more rational type of prepping.  Community.  Broad skillsets.  These things are much more important (for believers in the Long Collapse) than having a years’ worth of food, water, and ammo.

We’ll be working on both community and the skillsets over the next couple of weekends: large groups of friends over for work (still lots of clean-up to do, among other things), followed by barbecue and pot-luck.  People can learn things they didn’t already know–I’ve got a couple of friends who’ve never worked a chainsaw, for instance, or built raised garden beds.  And later on, we can reciprocate at their places, and maybe learn something new ourselves.

During all of which, though, we’ve got to maintain our flexibility.  As we said in the military, Semper Gumby (‘Always Flexible’).


About leftwingsurvivalist

I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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