Taking Stock

This has been an interesting week.  The various chicken-littles have been focusing on the stock market “correction,” predicting full-on collapse in the near future.  The war-hawks have been calling for World War III, pointing at Russia and Ukraine, and the West getting embroiled in that mess.  (This one concerns me, too, but only because so many players are so completely unpredictable, and because there are so many moving parts that a misstep by any one could gum up the works…)

And yet, the year marches on.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of perennials (trees, berry shrubs/canes, and a few decorative things) that not only survived the harshness of this winter, but seem intent on making up for lost time in their growth.  Seeds sown for this year’s harvest seem mostly to be doing well; some of the tomatoes are being hesitant to sprout, but we’ll make it work somehow.  And we’ll be in various winter squashes up to our eyeballs, barring another round of squash-borer beetles.

Some of our “extended island” (our ‘survival crew’) is coming to visit this week.  They actually live at our emergency bug-out location; this is the first time for any sort of large-scale “reverse trip,” with them coming this way.  The house will be a zoo for a few days–four adults, five kids, five dogs, six cats, and a goat–but we’ll be able to use the opportunity to learn a few things during the visit.  Plus, the extra hands to get some things done are always useful.

Then, a day after they have gone, other of our friends come and we’ll have another work party, with a little more emphasis on the “party” part.  (It’s spring, after all–and the weather should be nice.)  The ‘breather’ from the two weeks’ worth of mad dash will be quite welcome.

Afterwards, though, it’s back to work.  The woodpile is woefully low, there’s grass to cut, and fences to tend to.  Lots of the house still needs mending, bracing up, or finishing.  The cellar needs to be set to rights–and there are canning jars that need cleaning, and shelves to be built…

To bring things a bit more into the present, I’ve a prep that I rarely see mentioned anywhere: Do you have your will up-to-date?  A living will?  How about a Power of Attorney, for “just-in-case”?   An Advance Care Directive?  All of these are of incredible importance, in the off chance that (fates forbid) something should happen to you.  My wife’s friend (currently still in rehab, re-learning to stand, before going on to walking) had all of the above, but it was out of date; some of the people named ‘in charge’ she had had fallings-out with, and didn’t want guiding her care or handling her assets.

A prepper warning tale: don’t forget your EDC, and make sure it has an ID in it of some sort.  A different dear family friend, just this past week, went out for a casual walk around his neighborhood, had a sudden, massive heart attack, and died.  Fortunately, his papers were in order… had he had an ID on him, his wife would probably have been notified much sooner.

I would attach a link to somewhere to go for all of those documents, but the rules governing them are going to be different, state-to-state.  A little time with Google should bring up sample local forms.  Remember, when you’re filling them out, to be as specific as you can, and not to mince words.  Also, don’t forget that when you’re naming people to take care of certain things, you can specify people as not to deal with things.  (“Aunt Jane can make health-care decisions, but she is not to have access to my bank account.”  That sort of thing.)

I hate to end on that sort of a somber note, but it’s important.  I hope everyone out there is finally enjoying spring!


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