It all starts somewhere…

So, this week, I had intended to talk equipment.  And by equipment, I meant the BoB, and GHB, and other “survivalist” sorts of equipment.  Then, as they will, things went sort of pear-shaped.

My source of distraction today is a gaggle (herd? troop?) of chirping chicken chicks.  They’ve been expected, of course, but (as with children) one is seldom truly ready.  We’ve done what we can, though.  I’d say we were at least as prepared as we are for anything else–which, when you think about it, is a pretty good place to be.

They’re small, of course, being only a few days old.  We’ve got a brooder set up for them, and it’s rather Fort Knox-like; designed to keep things out (the cats! the dogs!), unless you have the right access (opposable thumbs).  The base is a small kiddie pool, available at super-mega-stores everywhere.  Within that, we’ve built octagonal walls.  Atop the walls is a layer of chicken mesh, of all things; we’ve cut squares out for access, and zip-tied on “doors” of more mesh (with overlap, so they won’t fall inwards).  Some newspaper, and some puppy piddle-pads that we had left over from the dogs’ younger days, and the flooring is fairly complete.  Add some waterers, some feeders, and a heat source/brooder, and it’s chicken time!

So, I suppose the homestead is now officially a farm–I’ve got crops growing, and livestock of a sort.  I suppose ‘homestead’ isn’t exactly the right word; ‘croft’ is a nice one, and applicable, if you consider me an owner-tenant.

Anyway, to stay on track, all of the preps for the chickens involved equipment, either of the “materials” variety, or of the “tools” variety.  Fortunately, we are reasonably well equipped in the latter, which tends to make up for some lack in the former; with the right basic tools, after all, you can make just about anything–to include other tools.

Which brings me to next week’s topic (yes, I’m keeping this week short–I did mention a bit of distraction, right?)–skillsets, and what I think about the skill lists pushed by some of the more “conventional” prepper sites out there.


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2 Responses to It all starts somewhere…

  1. Ann says:

    Day-old chicks are a gateway drug. Handle them as much as you have time for, it never seems to be enough to keep them from becoming terrified idiots as they grow up. Hello, I bring the food! Anyway, we now have descended to Nigerian dwarf goats and this year American Buff goslings. Chickens have a glass-half-empty world-view, geese are deliriously happy to be alive. Enjoy them while they are at the cute stage, they turn into dinosaurs soon enough. I swear mine would eat me if I sat still long enough. Have to remember the great kiddie pool idea, our brooder is pretty ghetto.

    • They’re getting plenty of handling at this stage–changing their “litter” twice daily, reassuring them often after one of the cats walks across the top of their enclosure. And just try to keep the kids away from them! Goats are on the radar for probably year-after-next; we have to fix up their barn first. Not sure I’d do geese, but I wouldn’t mind ducks. 🙂

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