June off

In light of the surprising number of things going on this month–many of which will be taking me out-of-state–I’ll be taking the month of June off.

Tomorrow (the 6th), remember to thank a WWII Veteran.  I don’t have relatives who were in the Normandy invasion, to the extent of my knowledge, but both of my biological grandfathers, as well as my adoptive one, served.  We don’t have much time to get their stories, and we need the stories to remind us that sometimes it isn’t about left or right, or Republican or Democrat: it’s about right vs. wrong, and what is objectively so.

See everybody in July!


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I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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One Response to June off

  1. littledarkoneofone says:

    Hello Comrade
    I was having a wee look on line to see if there where any socialist preppers in the USA and after 6 different word combo’s was about to give up when my 7th effort in good old google “left wing preppers USA” threw up your sight. Having a quick read of your articles and all seems to be in order and i’ll be returning.
    There are some serious headcases on the right of the prepping scene who I feel i’d need to prepare against as an additional possible disaster. Anyhow I’m in the UK [Irish by birth] and we are just getting down to some fracking fun and the Tory [right wing] government are changing the law to allow the frackers to drill under your property without you being compensated or sharing in the spoils. Resistance is going to be fierce. I’ve been blogging some survivalist & prepping info myself at http://kieransgonetothematress.blogspot.co.uk/
    Best of luck

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