Right Where We Left Off…

See what I did there?

So, a few changes have happened around the country and around the world in the last month, to say nothing of what’s been going on here on the homestead.

Russia is still being belligerent, hasn’t given Ukraine back yet, and is showing every sign of wanting to get the old USSR band back together.  Iraq has blown up–simply blown up–and we’re slowly sending more and more troops back in.  Japan is making noises about re-militarizing. North Korea is as loopy as ever.  Syria is still in a million pieces.  Iran is, oddly, thawing, it seems.  China is still a near complete mystery.

Domestically, we’ve seen the Tea Party oust one establishment Senator in an upset, while more than a few others have been quashed.  Interestingly, one of them was beaten when the incumbent reached out to the Democratic demographic.  The implications are deep.  Then you have the Supreme Court making a complete mess of more than a few things; that’ll require some thinking and discussion later, I believe.

Summer has started, with the attendant heatwaves and evening thunderstorms.  The garden seems to want to grow all at once, but at least it’s growing.  Apart from some mild predation by (I believe) chipmunks eating several of the tomato plants, things appear to be doing fairly well.  I think we’ll actually have some fruit to harvest this fall; the pears are doing quite well, and the apples appear to be getting over their rust rather well.

Substance here will begin next week; how are things in your neck of the woods?


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I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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