Taking Score

This week, let’s take a quick look at where the world stands in its long descent…


  • In Ukraine, at least a civil war (although decidedly uncivil). There was the shootdown of the airliner, and subsequent blocking of investigators, which is still going on.  Sanctions against the Russians, who are backing the rebels.  The rhetoric on all sides is fairly heated.
  • In Israel.  Israel seems to be considering genocide as an option–how’s that for irony?  Both sides are damaging their credibility by endangering neutral observers; the whole thing still seems more like a playground fight than anything: “They started it!” “No, they did!” “Nuh-uh!” “Yuh-huh!” “Nuh-uh!” etc.
  • In Libya. The Embassies have largely closed up shop, and mostly it’s just warlords fighting over turf.
  • In Syria.  Still.
  • In Iraq, still/again. Now with ISIL/ISIS/whatever their acronym of the week is.  They’ve also finally managed to tick off the locals by destroying lots of local shrines.


  • Ebola in West Africa.  Over 700 dead as of this morning, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better; this seems to be a particularly lethal strain. I like to think we’d clamp things down pretty hard if it hopped the pond to America, but the political climate has me wondering how many would oppose any quarantines, not believing the warnings from “the Gubmint”.
  • Brain-eating amoebas.  Flesh-eating bacteria.  And lots of interesting drug-resistant things, to boot.


  • The aforementioned sanctions. These are probably going to be really slow-motion, in global terms, but the ripples are going to spread.
  • Argentina at least partially defaulting.  Not a good start, and again–slow-motion ripples.
  • Elsewhere, things seem to be a mixed bag.

Peak resources:

  • Well, we’re still burning the oil.  More interesting at present, though:
  • Water, at least in the Western states.  Apparently, the groundwater reserves have dropped by a significant amount, just in the last decade.  There’s more than a little wry humor in the water main bursting in LA, sending a flood of water onto Sunset Boulevard, into underground parking, and 8″ of water into UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion.  The LA Times is quoting 20 million gallons overall.  (They’re also saying that would be water for 155,000 people for a day.  What are they doing with 130 gallons per day?!)

And all of that isn’t getting into politics, or immigration, or infrastructure, or the food chain…

As for us, we’re picking and preserving, keeping our heads down and working hard.  My next big prepping project will be figuring out better water storage than we’ve got, and also getting some solar power to a barn.  How are things in your neck of the woods?


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I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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