Now They’ve Done It

Well, the world keeps flirting with total chaos… Closest to home, our ‘domestic’ Ebola patient died. I’m not surprised–this is, after all, an illness with no medical cure, and a strain that’s running over a 50% mortality. In fact, so far we’re beating the odds (2 of 3 have survived). I still don’t think it’ll ever grow to epidemic proportions here in the Empire; our health-care system (such as it is) is actually pretty well geared to handle such a thing, and we aren’t in the habit of handling the recently deceased…

On a similar note, but further abroad, I don’t believe they had to put down the dog of that nurse in Spain. While it’s theoretically possible that it could carry the virus, after a few days (at worst) the animal was most likely safe. What I don’t get is why they’re worried about how she (the nurse) became infected–after a careful review, they’ll decide that she broke protocol somehow, and exposed herself by being careless.

Then there’s the mess in the Middle East. ISIL is still advancing, and we’re apparently having a tough time bombing them into submission. Add in that we’ve got an extremely strange set of allies (Iran? Syria? The Syrian opposition?), some of whom we’d probably like to bomb as well (and many of whom would like to be bombing each other), and it’s a bit surreal. I don’t see how it can end well, either–not collapse, not WW3, but certainly destabilizing, no matter the outcome.

On a similar note, Pakistan and India are at it again. Russia and Ukraine never really stopped. North Korea is acting strange–maybe, and lots there depend on your definitions. It’s enough to make one throw up one’s hands in disgust…

More mundanely and peacefully (again, depending on your definitions), I’ve been playing with power tools, and working with downed trees to make things. I’m about at the point where I’d like to be–I got the tools to make *more* tools, in order to make the things I need to make things, if that makes any sense at all. Thus far, I’ve got quite a few bits to indulge my string habits, and I’ve put together some boxes and the like to store things. It’s been enjoyable re-acquainting myself with wood, and learning to study the ‘green’ material, to figure out what it’s going to do as it dries and cures. All the parts of which, should the lights go out tomorrow, I can turn into “paying skills”–a useful thing for a hobby to do.

But the “they” and the “it” I referenced in the title of the post would be the chickens, and eggs. They found a cozy “hidey-spot” in the garden, and sometime recently (Tuesday or Wednesday) laid a clutch of eggs. This is earlier than my wife expected, but I’ve been saying we should see eggs “any day now” for almost two weeks. They were small, and several were cracked, but for a “first batch” from some young hens, I’d say we’re doing okay. I picked up some “layer” feed this afternoon, so we can switch them off of the “grower” feed and keep their calcium levels up… Some folks do this with eggshells, but you’ve got to be careful to grind them down pretty fine, or else they’ll decide that they can “replenish” from the eggs that they just laid, which is counter-productive. Oyster shells work, too, if you’ve got access to them–we’re a bit further from the ocean that is convenient for that, although we could probably salvage a year’s supply or so from where the original owners had their chicken run…

At any rate, I expect to have had my fill of eggs by the end of the winter, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing recipes as the weeks go on–and if you’ve got anything really tasty, please share, as well!


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