For the last time…

Okay, the paranoia I predicted last week?  Yup…

Here’s the deal: To catch Ebola, you’ve got to come in contact with the bodily fluids of somebody who’s actively showing symptoms of the infection.  Fever, shakes, sweating, vomiting, and the like.  It doesn’t have an airborne transmission vector; you can’t catch it from somebody’s coughing or sneezing–unless they’re coughing or sneezing directly onto you, but then, you’re contacting bodily fluids…

From initial indications, the two Dallas nurses who caught an infection from the guy who died in the hospital there did so because of an over-abundance of caution.  I’ve often pointed out that just because one aspirin helps your headache, that doesn’t mean that taking dozens of aspirin would help more (at least, not for very long).  They were apparently tripling or quadrupling up on the protective gear–gloves, booties, etc.  Great theory, but in practice, it’s actually easier to screw something up trying to take off that many multiple layers…

Should the one nurse have gotten on the plane?  No.  Were it up to me, everybody who treats a confirmed Ebola patient should undergo a quarantine, to include a no-travel period.  (Historical tidbit: “quarantine” is from the Italian for “forty,” which was the number of days incoming ships had to wait off-shore, in “quarantine,” to show they didn’t have the plague, before offloading their goods in Venice…)  Still, strictly according to the rules as they were at the time, she was fine.  (I’m not really happy with the strict adherence to any sort of low-end cutoff for temperature; hers was 99.5F, and the “low-end” by regulation for Ebola was 100.4; I’d advocate for the “abundance of caution” approach, but that’s just me.)

Now, do I still think it’s not going to be a problem, here in the US?  Yep.  We’ve got folks self-referring, and after the few missteps we’ve had, I think the bar for “isolate & test” has come down to where it “should” be. What should we be doing to protect ourselves?  Wash your hands frequently.  Eat right, exercise.  Stop messing around with the bodies of those who have recently died of Ebola.  (Humor…)  Seriously consider your travel plans, if they involve West Africa.  Apply common sense in all things, and don’t get taken by the panic.

Next week, I’d like to get back to actual prepping.  How are you all doing getting ready for the winter? What else would you like to see here?  This always seems to work best with lots of feedback!


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