We’re back!

I hope everyone’s holidays were happy! Mine went reasonably well, despite having to unexpectedly replace a car, and working around a number of other schedules which seemed to change at random. Still, we made it.

In pondering life over the duration of the break, I’ve decided to begin only posting every other week. This will a) save wear and tear on me, and b) allow me more time to find really interesting stuff, which will c) hopefully make this blog that much more interesting for you to read. This is not to say that I won’t ever have “extra” bits–yes, I recall the abortive “monthly special” posts–but they’ll be just that: extra, and special.

For now, just a brief catch-up on life on the homestead: Our six chickens are all laying, or would be, if it was warmer and brighter out. We’ve had as many as four eggs in a day; for the last several days, though, we haven’t had any, depending on how you count it. One of the hens started getting broody, and wouldn’t leave the “favorite nesting box”, and it turned into something like teens fighting over a bathroom, except with pecking. So, the harried girl is recuperating, separated from the others, sleeping in the house–which stays warmer, and brighter, and so we’ve been getting about two eggs every three days from her. The plan is to re-introduce her to everybody else as soon as she’s healed (a couple of pecks up behind her ears had bled a little); does anyone have tips on re-introducing a bird to a flock? And on preventing a bit of broodiness?

We also spent a bit of time testing out a homemade “survival heater,” which I’m sure you’ve all seen elsewhere: the inverted terra cotta pots and tea-lights version. My verdict: they put out a surprising amount of heat for their relative simplicity, but we’d have to use two or three of them, and close everybody up in one room of the house: they certainly won’t do for large spaces. (And, of course, if we closed up all of the people and pets, well–we’d have four humans, three large dogs, and six cats. Even in our large-ish master bedroom/bath, that would warm things up pretty well.) I’ll do a bigger “how-to” and discuss them in a little more detail in a later post.

Elsewhere in the world, the cost of oil came down, and the entire world lost their freakin’ minds, forgetting entirely any part of the whole “climate change” and “limited resources” thing. The whole while, I’m seeing this as another step in catabolic collapse–something, somewhere, gave, and the (more expensive) extraction methods (fracking) became economically feasible.

Let’s not even get me started on politics.

In the coming months, we’ll be watching the garden and the flock as things warm up. I’ve got plans for a few “experiments” to run and report on. I’ve been doing some reading, and can do a review or two. And, as always, I’m open to suggestions–what would you like to read about, this year?


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