Well, you were warned…

As mentioned, the illustrious ex-Governor of Alaska gets a bit of attention this week.  Well, at least indirectly…

The Iowa Freedom Summit (now there’s a name) was held in late January, and it featured a number of conservative Big Names giving speeches.  The event was widely seen as one of the stepping-off points for folks looking for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.  The aforementioned governor was one of them…  Supposedly, here teleprompter broke, which would be a lovely bit of irony, considering her disdain for such things during the 2008 campaign. She apparently forgot to jot emergency notes down on her hand, this time, and what came out was some rather amazing word salad.  This latter turn of events probably could have been predicted by just about anybody, but the reaction from the right has me scratching my head:

Charles C.W. Cooke of the National Review called it “…not an aberration or a blip, but the foreordained culmination of a slow and unseemly descent into farce…”.

Columnist Matt Lewis of the Daily Beast wonders “Is it possible that Kathleen Parker saw something I didn’t when she attacked Palin?”

Even her erstwhile Fox News supporters abandoned her.

The part that has me confused is why it took them this long to realize what a train wreck the former candidate was.  I mean, I don’t think that I’m a great judge of character, probably right around average; even so, my second thought after she was nominated was, “this is some sort of sick joke, right?”  (My first thought was, “Sarah who?“)

It’s enough to make you question–oh, I don’t know.  Lots of things; their taste, or their opinion of what would make a good VP (or, gods forbid, POTUS).

In slightly more down-to-earth news, given the unexpected day off for much of the eastern seaboard due to recent snows, my wife suggested we play a bit with some recipes.  She found a crockpot bread recipe that looked interesting, so we gave it a whirl…  No pictures, but it turned out quite nicely.  Some notes:

  • If you’ve got an older crockpot, your temperature settings might be a little off. “High” for ours is a little higher than a newer crockpot; we pulled our bread early to compensate.  Let your nose be your guide; the “thump test” works well, too (you’re looking for a hollow sound).
  • Not having any fresh rosemary on hand (well, it is winter, after all), we used dry.  Cut back on the amount: maybe 3/4 of a tablespoon for the dough, a similar amount for the topping should be okay (your tastes may vary).
  • To get the topping to adhere better, try a light coating of EVOO before you add it.
  • Watch it very carefully if you oven-brown it to finish.  (It really doesn’t need it, except maybe for aesthetics.)

Ours was lovely, and we’ll be doing it again!  (We’ll likely try it straight in the oven, too–or maybe in the dutch oven…)  If you give it a go, let us know how it went!  (Other recipes, or links, are welcome, too!)


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