What fresh hell…

What, exactly, was Governor Pence of Indiana thinking, when he signed this bill?  He certainly wasn’t listening to the scores of businesses, large and small, that told him what a problem it would be. He wasn’t listening to any of the political analysts–from all ends of the spectrum–who told him what a problem it would be. Obviously, to my eye, he was listening to a group of the bill’s backers, who told him just what he wanted to hear: that it would be a good thing for business, and not a problem at all. (See all of my previous rants about only listening to what you want to hear…)

Now, what exactly is the fuss about this law?  Well, I’m not a lawyer.  Yes, I have read it, and compared it to the Federal law that it supposedly mimics.  For in-depth analysis, let me point you to some professionals, here and here. Basically, it reaches much farther than the Federal version. One place that particularly caught my eye was in that the government doesn’t need to be a party to the proceeding–in other words, it’s not about whether the government is burdening someone’s exercise of freedom of religion.  An individual, under this law, can burden another individual’s exercise of that right.  This strikes me as patently absurd–barring some quite particular actions, most of which are covered under other laws (kidnapping? extortion? other similar ones, I’m sure), you can’t burden my freedom of religion, nor I yours.  Can I do things offensive to you/yours? Yes, and vice versa. But this isn’t impeding anyone’s free exercise of religion. There are other points, but they’re largely made in the articles linked above.

No, what I see here is, in fact, a version of what the Governor claims he was signing.  Pence said it was not about giving a “right to discriminate.”  What it really is, is about giving a right to discriminate against people not like him.

Then there are the reactions in other states.  Not Washington, or Connecticut, both of which placed a moratorium on state-funded travel to Indiana.  Not even Arkansas, whose governor saw a little of the light, and sent his state’s version back to the legislature to be reworked.

No, I’m talking Maryland, whose governor only compounded things.  A member of the Maryland state legislature–the only openly gay one, at that–sent a letter, requesting that a moratorium similar to that of Washington and Connecticut. He added a justification, explaining that since Governor Hogan’s wife was previously divorced, a restaurant owner may feel justified in not serving them. [Matthew 19:9, for the curious.]  Hogan’s response? He didn’t finish reading the letter, beyond the point where (in his words) his spouse was insulted…

Um.  What?

She’s previously divorced.  He’s her second husband.  This is fact.  Nothing insulting–and it wasn’t even said in a mean way.  Shouldn’t be a problem.  Have we really gotten this thin-skinned?  (Some have later clarified that the faux pas was bringing the spouse into it. Let’s talk about bringing Hillary Clinton into the arguments, or-gods forbid-Michelle Obama…)

No, again and still, I’m largely baffled that anybody thought they could pull this one off without any problems. The fact that it’s the far right, and the religious right at that, doesn’t particularly surprise…

How are you folks out in the dry, dry West holding up, with California’s water problems?  Pressuring your lawmakers to allow rainwater catchment, where they don’t currently?  Or planning to move somewhere a little wetter?  (Or, contrariwise, trying to take some cues from the Hopi, Zuni, and Anasazi, and learn how to do more with less water?) I don’t think the public at large is ready for the food-price shocks that are likely coming…


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2 Responses to What fresh hell…

  1. Ann Dinapoli says:

    What fresh hell is right. I always worry that I am see the first salvo of a hot culture war looming on the horizon. Politicians fanning the flames, it’s been done before. Will there be pogroms next?

    As to your question about our situation out here in California, well it is not simply the lack of rain. The worst is how the seasons have changed. Rainfall patterns have changed, not simply less precipitation, falling in different region patterns when it does come. The ground temperature patterns have also changed, especially in how the soil warms and cools. Spring seemed to hav arrived for the swallowtail butterflies about a month before the plants their catapliars feed on sprouted. So the little guys died of starvation. The winds have shifted so regions depending on spring and summer fog banks to keep the forest and savannahs from burning and stimulate natives to bloom have seen little or no fog because the strong offshore winds are failing to come. I had to rush my spring seed in the garden for fear that the late summer will be to dry to sustain my plants, but we could also get no summer heat at all in my area so nothing ripens. It not just the lack of water, though I dread seeing the drought continue, it’s the rise in sea level bring brackish water into fresh water estuaries. It’s lack of winter cold which controls the fungus that causes Valley Fever. It’s the waiting for the forest fires to destroy not just wild lands but our towns and cities and ultimately our state budget. Amphibian populations have collapsed, insects are disappearing, there are almost no birds and the few birds still around seem pretty desperately hungry and thirsty, and even the native plant cycles are becoming messed up. Sorry to say but catch water politics is the least of our problems. Besides, during our normally rainy season of Jan through March my area got 1.83 inches of rain, normally it is around 13 inches, there was very little to catch. Instead I am managing my family’s grey water to supplement what little I dare from the tap, and planting in communities to reduce evaporation along with thick mulching, proper cover crops and fallowing. Drip systems didn’t work as the thirsty small varmints chew through the lines to get the water left in the line when I turned it off. I have found success with recycling the Mylar cat litter bags and large feed bags as drip bags. The local wild life can take a drink without destroying the system. I just have to make sure they don’t become mosquito breeding bags. Something to think about if you seed bank for the future.. Will your seed sprout, plants survive, flower and fruit once the seasons go haywire due to climate change?

  2. Arlene B in Phoenix says:

    Ann, I’d sure like to hear more about the drip bag concept; new to me. (I am in Arizona). There is also the idea of ollahs (oy-yahs) to reduce water consumption, as well as aquaponics, which uses the fish tank water to fertilize the grow bed. Two ways of water savings. I love the concept of grey water; am taking free seminar on that next month. The problem for me is the costs of changing my home plumbing to grey water catching. Fortunately here in Arizona, it is OK and encouraged to have rain barrel collection, along with grey water in home use. If I had the $$ I would have a plumber convert my 60 year old house, but for now, I am doing aquaponics to reduce water for gardening.

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