Well, I Called It.

This time around, current events.  There might be a bit of a rant, too.  As expected, we had the Supreme Court rulings; there was also a reaction to the South Carolina shootings that wasn’t exactly expected, and the Republican presidential nominations continue to pile up.

First, the Court rulings. I don’t know about you, but when the first ruling came out (upholding the ACA), I felt a slight shift leftward. Then there was quite a bit of a lurch when the second one (same-sex marriage) came out. I’ve got to say, I was expecting at best a “win and half-win”, in no particular order, and more likely a “one win one loss”. The “dual win” was a pleasant surprise. Less surprising was watching the Right, and the evangelical Right particularly, collectively lose their minds.

They’re complaining about “five unelected judges re-writing the laws,” and that “there’s no way the founding fathers intended such a thing…”  Um.  Except… that’s exactly what they intended. I believe it falls under the “checks and balances” concept, plus having a series of judges (placed by various presidents, by the way, from both sides of the aisle) to make an “unbiased” decision, to the extent we can as humans. I find it odd they don’t complain about “activist judges” when the decision is in their favor…

The rest of the fallout, particularly from the same-sex marriage decision, has been by turns interesting and perplexing. We’ve got whole swaths of folks resigning as county clerks, because “issuing marriage licenses to teh gays is against my religion.”  Really? Divorces are explicitly against your religion for most purposes. Any problems handing them out?  Nope. Then there’s a guy down in Alabama who’s concerned that “If you’re saying that Christians can’t be elected because they’d have to do things that are against their religion, that’s just wrong.”  (I’m paraphrasing; I can’t find the article…) Actually, that’s been an issue for a long time; they’re not disqualifying the candidates. Rather, the candidates have to make a decision as to whether to run, knowing what the job requirements are. Just ask Joe Lieberman, or any other Jewish congressman who’s had to work on the Sabbath…

Then there’s the flag thing. It’s been a week, and the South Carolina government is still debating whether to take down the Confederate Battle Flag. I believe one of the legislative houses approved of the measure; the other half starts its debate soon. Now, I understand holding on to your history. I understand wanting to take pride in your past. But I don’t think that should necessarily extend to keeping that particular flag, given all of its negative connotations, flying at any government building. (Didn’t we have a war about that?  I seem to recall…) One of the interesting things to me is how the flag debate–which, believe me, if it’s not raging near you, it’s certainly an issue in these parts–got started. Because a delusional young man got his head full of hatred, and decided to shoot a bunch of people, in the hopes of starting a race war. He was using the flag as one of “his” emblems, a totem, if you will.

Which brings up an interesting question I heard on a radio news call-in the other day: Does, or should, the American Flag elicit the same emotional response on an Indian reservation, as the Confederate Battle Flag would elicit in, say, Harlem?

Things to think about.  I’ll discuss the presidential race later; that’s a whole other level of crazy…


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