Awareness, Sensibility, and (maybe) Compassion

These are, it seems to me, where things have been going a bit pear-shaped, of late.  The immediate reflection, in my world, is the drivers hereabouts, but it seems to be indicative of a larger problem.

I don’t exactly have a solution for this one–it’s not the sort of thing that we can just apply a band-aid to.  While thumping the offenders upside the head would be satisfying (boy, howdy!), it probably wouldn’t do much, either.  I’d suggest it’s a “wait it out” sort of thing, but I fear that it’ll be much longer-lasting than was the build-up to it.

I understand that there have always been people who wander about in a self-absorbed haze, and that there always will be such people.  I also understand that we can’t all be fully aware of our surroundings all the time–heck, I take an hour or two to fully “wake up” in the morning, and it’s all I can do to even consider my own immediate needs before then.  (In my defense, I’ve arranged to not have to leave the house before I can deal with others…)  Still, I seem to recall, once upon a time, that it was more common to consider the people around you, when you were making decisions.  That except in emergencies, it was more common to help each other get along, with the understanding that we all need to get along, rather than fight tooth and nail to get what you need first, at the expense of everybody else.

I know, it’s pure naivete.  Things were never really that good; I seem to recall that they tended to be better, though…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

In other news, I’ve re-“caught” a lovely sourdough culture.  Took a little longer than I like, but I got it.  It’s got a marvelous flavor, but I’ve got to keep an eye on it–it likes to “kill” the gluten in the dough, and that makes getting a good rise difficult, to say nothing of oven spring.  I’ve also got the wood-fired oven built; I’m working out a few kinks in it, and will post more about it when I’ve got things a little more figured out.

And it’s early September!  National Preparedness Month!  What are you doing to “celebrate” (read: “get more prepared”)?  I’m readying the homestead for winter things–starting to clear the garden, and thinking about prepping a patch for my winter grains…


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2 Responses to Awareness, Sensibility, and (maybe) Compassion

  1. It sounds as if something quite unfortunate happened that is hard to let go of.

    I live in a densely urban area, one highly dependent on the Pacific Rim Economics. I have long noticed that as a major economic crisis ensues and as the media becomes shriller and more bizarre in their denial of the crisis, the road rage and extreme efforts to control the roads and parking lots by certain drivers rises exponentially.

    Be careful and move through the day with a bit of grace in you heart. Remember, these are people who deeply experiencing that their world collapsing yet the system they believe in has discounted their sense of crisis. They must be feeling as if they are caught in a incomprehensible situation. They still believe in the magics of Capitalism. And thus their heightened sense of danger must be because they have personally not been “good” enough and properly in control of their lives. After all, as with all abusers, Capitalism blames its victims.

    Americans use their cars as talismans to gain a sense of control and display how successfully they have observed their asset rituals. When cracks show up in Capitalism, it drives the sycophants more than a bit mad. And there are some mighty big cracks showing up.
    Stay sane and enjoy some excellent bread!

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