The Silly Season is Here

While the competition for the various party nominations has been going on for quite a while, it seems that it’s really only in the last few weeks that they’ve turned “serious”–although that’s probably not the best word. Particularly in the Republican primary race, where things have gone fully topsy-turvy…

The third debate came and went, and collectively folks have rated the mediators as losing, primarily for asking questions of the debaters, and for bringing up-somewhat pointedly-some of the various missteps, mistakes, and various goofs that the candidates have committed. Basically, being somewhat confrontational. The candidates didn’t care for this, and sent back some zingers–Ted Cruz, particularly.

Problem is, being somewhat confrontational, and asking perhaps uncomfortable questions, is exactly what the press (and the mediators) are for…  So, the subsequent “rebellion” by the candidates, putting forth their “demands” for the next debates, was really nonsensical. If they don’t want to be subjected to that sort of grilling, they’re under no obligation to participate in the debates. It’s on them.

There was a bit in the NY Times a short while back, when they asked people’s opinions as to who would be the nominees, Pres and Vice Pres, from each party. (Not who would win the election–who would be the candidates.) Something struck me about the responses: For the Democratic side, nearly everybody picked Clinton or Sanders for P, then the VP candidate was generally someone not currently running. On the Republican side, however, both the P and VP choices were most often selected from the current slate of hopefuls. I’m sure it says something about the parties that things fell out that way, but I’m not certain what…

Then there’s the whole Starbucks cup thing. Whoo boy, has that got some folks spooled up. For myself, I’ve never felt there was a “war on Christmas”; rather, there was an attempt to be more inclusive, and celebrate the melting pot that our country truly is. I have to admit, the whole thing seems a bit–well, artificial. If that’s what they’ve got to be outraged about, then they’ve got even bigger blinders on than I had thought…

In the meantime, it’s Veteran’s Day. I’ve been “thanked for my service” more times than I care for, today.  Tell you what, folks–rather than thanking me, or any other vet, for our service, how about call or write your congress-critter, and ask them to do something substantive for veterans. Like fix the VA. Or approve a cost-of-living increase. Provide adequate mental health services to those who need it. Find housing for those without. The list, really, goes on and on.

That’s all for this week; my next scheduled post would be on Thanksgiving, so I’m going to skip it, in favor of spending time with friends and family. Hope your holiday is well, and I’ll talk to you again in December!


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