Equipment, Part 1

As promised, I intend to take a look or two at some equipment over the coming months.  I hope to be rather tongue-in-cheek about it all, while still providing accurate reviews, the better to decide for yourselves whether the stuff is worth the time/effort/money.  I’ve got a small, quick one for today, but first:

So, how ’bout them primaries?  As things stand right now, Lord Business has extended his lead, while the Zealot appears to be in closest pursuit–or, at least, he’s extending the distance between himself and the two remaining.  There’s a handful of contests this weekend, then next week starts the winner-take-all primaries. I find it at least a little karmic, if not ironic, that the schedule was set up by “the establishment” Republicans so that a clear “favorite” could wrap things up quickly–and the guy who looks primed to do so has them in a bit of a panic. Regardless, I think us Liberal/Progressive types need to start drumming up a “get out the vote” campaign for the general election…

A quick note on this, and all reviews:  I’m not, at present, a paid reviewer.  None of the things I review have been given to me, other than as gifts from my lovely wife. Most links to products will be via an Amazon affiliate link, where possible–and should you choose to purchase anything, the money will get put back into further preps (read: more things to review!).  Should any of this change in the future, I’ll let you know.

Now, as mentioned, a small review.  Fitting, because it’s a small object: it’s the Zootility Pocket Monkey. This is designed to be a wallet-sized multi-tool.  It’s got a bottle-opener, a letter-opener, something that I guess is designed to start peeling an orange…  Screwdriver heads, an opening that will fit small bolt heads.  There’s a slot through which you can stick a business card, to make it a stand for your cell phone. There’s a space for using it to wrap headphone cords. Lastly, there’s a set of small measuring markings–a 1″ section, and for the metrically-inclined, 3cm, in 1mm ticks.

To be honest, I’ve been toting this thing around in my wallet for four or five months now.  It truly doesn’t take up much space–it’s about the thickness of a credit card–and it’s stainless steel, which means it’s fairly stiff and nigh-indestructible. My biggest issue with it is that I seldom remember that I have it, which slightly limits its utility. As an “emergency backup,” or a widget in the BoB, there’s probably worse things to have, but for the most part it’s a novelty item. With a little imagination, I’m sure multiple uses could be found for it, beyond the “planned” ones–maybe for prying apart something that’s not too stuck, or hitching a small line to it.  But I don’t know that it’s necessarily worth the $12 or so it’ll run you.

To be fair, I’m sure that’s right where the manufacturers wanted it; an “appetizer” for slightly more useful, slightly more expensive items. I’ll admit to not having checked out the rest of their catalog, so I certainly can’t vouch for it–but I’d be sorely disappointed, if this was the only thing they’re offering.

So there you have it!  Lukewarm, at best.  Watch for more reviews, in future postings; I hope to have a bit of fun with them.  Also, starting this summer, we’re planning on running an experiment: My wife has found a book compiling “survival” guidelines for WWII-era Britain. There’s a power usage guide, explaining how much energy (electrical, coal, gas, etc.) you can/should use over a year (from July 1 through June 30). Granted that our house is on the older end of the scale, for the US, this is still the modern era, with computers and such.  We’ll see how we do–and I’ll keep you updated, as we go through the experiment.  Thanks for sticking with me!


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2 Responses to Equipment, Part 1

  1. Hey, thank you for the review. I am always eyeing those little credit card size gadgets wondering if they are at all useful. Your review helped. I have resisted the American tendency to get more nifty “stuff” such as these, and now I shall continue to pass. The Republicans have certainly taken a scarey turn. It is like watching a real word Kurt Vonnegut novel.

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