Happy Easter!

This is going to be short-ish, but I promised I’d get something out. (No sooner had I hit “publish” on that notification post, than I was taken down by a sneaky, nasty springtime head-cold, which has now taken up residence in my upper respiratory tract…)

In the longer term, I’d like to do a thorough overview of my Get Home Bag.  I’ve added a couple of things to it since the last time we talked about them here, to include getting a bigger bag, and re-thinking a couple of items. For instance, I had lacked any sort of a sharpening/honing instrument for the knife, figuring I’d find a convenient rock of the right type, when the need arose…  More thought, though, and I realized that any time I *want* to find a particular type of rock, I seem to be in the wrong geological area for them, and they’re nowhere to be found.  Best not to count on that.  So, I went shopping for something to add to the bag.

Likewise, I’m looking for a decent type of packaged, emergency food ration to add to the bag; while it’s not designed to be for a “weeklong adventure” or longer, that would end up being exactly the case when I’d end up needing it.  So, something for maybe just a meal–less than an MRE, most likely.

With all that being said, in the spirit of Springtime renewal (and isn’t it glorious, watching the plants bloom, and the trees bud out), it is perhaps a good time to look over your GHB, and see what changes or additions need to be made, if any.  My next post, I’ll go back over everything that’s in mine, particularly the new stuff (only a couple of things, really).  In the meantime, go enjoy the day!


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I'm a survivalist and prepper with a difference!
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