Not Going to Talk About It.

I had thought about talking politics this week.  Then Sunday happened in Orlando.  I’m not going to talk much about that–far too much ink, far too many electrons have already been spent on it.  I’ll say that I could have predicted the responses from the Right and Left; that one group would have a reasoned, thought-out response, while the other group would begin shouting at the tops of their lungs about the outrage of the moment.  (I’ll leave which is which as an exercise for the reader.)  I’m saddened, angered, and disgusted by the whole thing, and I really don’t want to rehash it all again.

In the interest of having something lighter, I’ll do another brief review.  During a supply run recently, my wife found these cards: the UST Survival Tips Playing Cards.  They come in several flavors; these in particular have “generic” tips on the numbered card, then each face card has a knot diagrammed, together with its typical use (and suggestions).

The tips are loosely organized by suit: Clubs are mostly navigation and map-reading, Hearts are signaling and communication, Spades are gear and equipment, and Diamonds are shelter. The knots may have some sort of organization as well, but it escapes me, at a glance. Overall, I can’t really fault the tips; they’re generally written for someone who’s become lost in the wilderness (while hiking, for instance), but generic enough to be fairly useful in just about any common environment.

As to the cards themselves, they’re standard playing-card size, and plastic-coated, making them water resistant. (They were coated, then cut from the sheet, which prevents them from being water-proof; still, pretty durable.)  They also come in a nice plastic case, and in the place of the standard “order me!” cards, they include a pair of “In Case Of Emergency” cards, for contact information and the like.

One thing that I do really like about them is that they’re dual-purpose.  They’re a handy directory of tips (you’d obviously want to go through them, to see what’s there), and they cover at least a portion of the “entertainment” requirement for a BoB/GHB/etc, whether you’re alone or in a group.  Having the ability to distract yourself now and again–during a brief “down-time”–with a game of solitaire or the like can be great for morale.

All told, I’ll give these 4.5 stars out of 5.  And I’ll see about talking politics next time, depending on the world situation, and what the candidates get up to (or down to) between now and then.  Cheers!


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